Fusing the classical stylings of the piano with the more modernized feel of Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Gospel, and top 40 hits, James Luctamar can take any song and perform it in a way one would never expect. It’s his deep connection with the music itself that draws people to him, and there’s no denying he’s killer at what he does! 

James Luctamar currently resides in Westchester, New York and has been playing music since he was only 11 years old. With a soul born for music, he instinctively learned how to play all his covers by ear. He began his musical journey on the piano; however, he’s grown to love the drums and can now create pretty sweet beats! His goal is to master the magic of other instruments to add to his musical repertoire.

Profoundly creative and innately musical, James Luctamar transformed his life to revolve around this art. His piano covers of popular recordings have captured the hearts and ears of people all over social media. In fact, his pure musical talent and charm has amassed over 10 million impressions and engagements with ease.

It’s hard for James to shy away from any kind of music. Believe it or not, he actually hasn’t met a genre he doesn’t like. And that’s hard for most people to say!

With every song he’s heard, his passion is delving in to cover it in an unexpected, unique way. James knows exactly how to connect with the soul of a song and its message, so he can unlock the romance and tenderness that are often hidden from most. 

James hopes to continue to blend his dynamic styles and create musical masterpieces that speak to his audience using a variety of instruments. Standing ovation? Yes, please! James hopes to create his own original music someday and record songs that move spirits and inspire a younger generation of dreamers. He wants to continue making lasting musical impressions that reach millions across multiple social media platforms. 

From singular covers to in-depth mashups of popular and classical artists, James uses his musical ear to put songs together both elegantly and seamlessly. Think you’ve heard great music? Just wait! Because this musician’s ability to recreate a rhythm astounds audiences.

As a quick learner with a mind for music, James can effortlessly string songs together in a medley/mashup. Though most artists will do a cover of just one song, James can combine multiple songs seamlessly and transition into a smooth flow that appeals to the ears of his audience.

James says he hopes to connect with people who love music as much as he does, and this includes prolific cover artists like himself. “I feel my crowd includes anybody who has a love for music, a passion for art, and an appreciation for the delicacies in life,” he says. He believes that music is a delicate art, and his covers were made to unlock the power of that art on the highest levels.

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