It’s important to me that I find time in my routine to prioritize good sleeping habits, exercise, and nutrition. I put my phone into night mode by 8:30 p.m. and turn off notifications by 10 p.m. each night. I do not have a T.V. in my bedroom in order to avoid any distractions that would prevent me from falling asleep. It’s also important for me to unwind after a stressful day. I exercise at least 20 minutes a day to provide valuable time to focus on my mind and body. A year ago, I became a pescetarian and cut out other unhealthy foods from my diet (e.g. gluten, dairy). So far this has increased my energy levels, reduced brain fog, and helped me understand the importance of my own body’s nutritional needs.

During the pandemic, my work and personal life blended together. I found it difficult to stop working and find balance. Like many of us, my home turned into my office, gym, and restaurant. To get out of the house and get a change of scenery, I challenged myself to start running outside. Running became an escape from the monotony and the stress of the “new normal.” I also implemented a few Microsteps, like setting time on my calendar daily for a run to make sure I stuck to my new habit, and limiting my news and social media consumption. I also enjoyed listening to music while cooking creative meals with my husband. Although these habits originated during lockdown, I plan to continue these new habits after realizing the importance of self-care and spending more time with loved ones.  

Another thing that became clear during the pandemic was that everyone needed a little bit of extra support. At work, celebrating team victories, whether hosting new client meetings or closing large transactions, is important to empower each other through positive reinforcement. Even small wins need to be acknowledged so that we can all feel supported.

It’s easy to get burned out in a high-pressure sales job, especially when holding onto prospects that are headed nowhere. You must know when it’s time to walk away and focus your time on more engaged clients. Initially this may seem counterintuitive, but it will allow you to better understand your book of business and give you valuable time back. Staying in your comfort zone will never allow you to successfully pivot towards more meaningful partnerships.

My joy triggers are George, my lovable mini Bernedoodle, and discovering new music. George gives me unconditional love and his fluffy white-tipped tail is always wagging like a propeller. When I need a pep in my step, I put on an upbeat song like “Evan Finds the Third Room” by Khruangbin. A perk of living in New York City is being able to frequent concerts of my favorite artists.


  • Jenelle LeNoir-Perinotti

    Director, Global Enterprise Accounts


    I started my journey at WeWork in November 2016 as an Account Manager. In my current role,  I work on our Enterprise Sales team as an Account Director. I oversee 30+ Global Enterprise Accounts and work cross functionally with various teams within WeWork. My responsibility is to ensure clients understand our value proposition and utilize our global platform successfully. Over the last 24 months there have been many high and lows, but one thing I always believed in is that people make great companies. I am grateful to work alongside such talented, motivated and kind peers. Without them, we would not have been able to celebrate our IPO last month - an incredible milestone both personally and professionally!