I had the pleasure of chatting with Jenna Faye who partners with soul-centered entrepreneurs to scale their business to sustainable 6+ figures while igniting a movement doing their soul’s work. She is an Online Business Strategist and is the Co-Founder of Soul Meets Strategy™ Business Solutions which she runs alongside her fiance. I asked her about her upbringing and here is what she had to say.

In your own words, what’s your story Jenna?

My journey has been an evolution to say the least. I discovered entrepreneurship and the world of coaching while I was working in corporate. I was focused on my own healing journey (losing 70 lbs and leaving a long term abusive relationship) which led me to becoming passionate and curious about what else was possible for myself and others.

After experiencing the power of working with coaches I started my own business to help others which has evolved to what it is today.

Having a background in both corporate and online business I could see a huge gap between the old paradigm and the new. I became deeply passionate about the power of conscious business as I believe entrepreneurship is one of the biggest keys to creating change in our world. 

That is so amazing how you were able to overcome that! So, what happened next?

After I decided to exit my corporate job to pursue my business full time, I also decided to start living a location independent lifestyle with my partner. We went full in – sold everything and hit the road.

I got focused on WHO I wanted to serve and HOW I could best merge my skills, background and passion which is how we created our company, Soul Meets Strategy Business Solutions™.

By merging soul alignment and effective business strategy we began to quickly scale our business and hit the 6 figure mark in under a year.

What I learned was that in order to grow a viable business that creates both profit and impact, you need to show up consistently and treat it like a business.

Thank you Jenna for sharing your amazing story! Do you have have any last words of wisdom for readers?

Entrepreneurship is one of the most healing, triggering journey’s you can embark on. Your business is your mirror and you can only get so far before you need to face off with the beliefs that hold you back in order to continue growing.