How you measure prosperity or failure, right or wrong, good or bad, is based on your beliefs about what is of value to you. Things you need to move towards or away from is dependent on your judgment power. Values are the executive level of judgment in the brain. They govern your entire lifestyle and how you respond to experiences in life.

Everybody has a unique description of what matters most to them, but if you have to violate your values to achieve a goal, then you will not feel fulfilled. You may learn resourceful behaviors, but if they contradict your deepest needs, you experience internal conflict and lack the congruence to be successful.

To be prosperous to the levels you want, you must be empowered emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually, and financially. Your beliefs should enable you to take more actions towards producing the results you desire.

Evaluating Your Power to Judge

It’s essential to learn what your values are, as they are responsible for determining whether you are meeting your needs or not. The environment right from when you are a baby, parents, peer groups, heroes, church and school, play a significant role in the programming your value system.

Examine yourself and find out the origin of your values and how they affect your performance. Do they motivate or discourage you? If you discover there are some you don’t like, change them. It is important to note that, the potential you tap and the results you produce are a process that begins with your judgment power.

The success formula states that, after knowing what you want and taking action towards achieving your desires, you must have the flexibility to change until you are successful. Your behavior change, tie to your values and just like behaviors change, so can your belief system.

Identify the fundamental assumptions that have been limiting you in the past, and replace them with positive feelings that can now support your goal’s attainment. To be successful, you must be wise in choosing your beliefs and be conscious of the rules you have for yourself and others. Limiting beliefs may cause you to procrastinate along your journey of success.

Modeling the Belief Systems of Excellent People

Your belief system is what unleashes that power within you, to take action towards achieving your ambitions. Borrowing, some of the assumptions adopted by successful people, can enrich your judgment power.

For example, believing that everything happens for a reason and that for every negative feedback is a more significant benefit, helps you to re-trace your steps and look at new possibilities without despairing.

Think of times when you wanted one thing but ended up getting another. It may have registered in your mind, as a failure. Successful people see that as a learning experience. People of excellence know that if they try something and it doesn’t work, they will take new action and produce new results.

Do not attach negative emotions to undesirable outcomes. They affect your thinking process and deter you from meeting your goals. You can also take to work many aspects of what you do at play. Bringing to your office, the same creativity and vitality you bring to your game will enrich your business world.

You will see your work as a way to stretch, explore, and learn new things. With this positive attitude, you broaden your chances of growing.

The Conclusion

The biggest challenge is that the values of most people are unconscious. They don’t know why they do certain things. They feel they have to do them and get uncomfortable with people who have different beliefs from theirs. This in congruence makes it challenging to maintain healthy, personal and business relationships, which are essential for you to succeed.

Remember success leaves hints. The beliefs of excellent people that make them take effective action consistently will help you enrich your judgment power and lead you to greater heights in life, with much ease and less time.