Growing up in a small town, Julio Martinez never really expected much when it came to success and income. The town he grew up in never really saw too many people come out successful because of the surroundings. There was a lot of gang related violence and constant sirens going off. His family, like most in the area, was below middle class so he never really had the right tools or opportunities to grow and learn.

This only pushed him harder to become someone his parents can be proud of and someone others can look up to. Right after he graduated from high school he attended a community college where he was going to major in Business Administration. He attended college for about 3 months before he realized it just wasn’t for him. It was something that he didn’t really take interest in at the time.

The start of something new

After college didn’t work out he continued to work 2 part time jobs for a little while so he could pay the bills. During this time he was very uncertain about what he was going to do in order to make more money and help support his parents. He started to connect with his long time childhood friend who was working closely with a PR company called Influencer Press. His friend was able to land him a job where he would manage and contribute to the team.

The company would often work with entrepreneurs worth well over $100m and huge social media influencers, hence the name. Not only would they land them features in major publications but they would also get them interviews on podcasts and TV shows.

Things were going good for a while and he enjoyed his time at Influencer Press, but he knew he could do something more than just take orders and work under someone. He knew he could become his own boss so he wouldn’t have to answer to anyone else. That is when he decided to open up his own PR company with his childhood friend while investing his money in other companies and courses to educate himself.

Moving forward

Now he is focusing all of his attention on the new business so he can grow it while helping entrepreneurs build a name for themselves. He is all about customer satisfaction so he will go the extra mile to make sure every single one of his clients are happy with their results. Julio states “Entrepreneurs come to us because the results we produce will not only help them gain credibility but because it is a huge step towards social media verification”.

His journey to success has just started but it seems as if he has it all mapped out. He explains that he works every single day because he is always so excited to grow and manage his own company that will help others in the long run. His drive to help others started out when he was young because he was always taught to respect others and help out even if you don’t get anything in return.

Being able to constantly move forward is a good thing but it will not happen if you do not work for it. Julio is a firm believer in educating yourself and creating new strategies to move forward every day.