What determines your legacy? Is it laid out for you during your childhood, or can you forge your own legacy through determination, grit, and a positive mindset? For Justin Aldridge, he certainly laid out his own legacy through a strong work ethic and the belief that success was in reach for him. Even with a disadvantaged childhood weighing on him mentally, he was able to overcome the deck stacked against him and create a legacy that goes many levels deeper than simply becoming wealthy.

After overcoming the odds of a difficult financial situation growing up to becoming a first generation college student and landing a teaching job, Justin had achieved his biggest idol growing up, having financial security. For the ordinary man or woman, getting this far and overcoming your biggest childhood challenge should be fulfilling enough to take a deep breath and put your life in cruise control for the time being. But the money was just not enough for Justin because he hated what he did for a living. He woke up every morning with a sense of purpose, but fell asleep every night with a feeling of regret as he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose. He knew a major shift needed to take place if he was going to impact the number of people he wanted to impact. 

Justin decided to go all in on his passion and entrepreneurial journey. As a result of recovering from depression and anxiety, he found his calling in personal development and coaching. Not only did he face the difficulty of uncertainty and the fear it brings, but he was tested by the universe. Justin believes that “When someone sets out to be, do, or have something that requires significant effort and growth, that the universe will test how badly you want it.” And Justin certainly was tested. After going all-in, he received multiple job offers that would allow him to make more money than he ever had before, and would have him fall back on his old laurels of being financially secure. But the only way to grow is to never look back, and Justin stuck to his gut and kept on the path that would let him cash in on his true purpose and passion. 

After sticking it out following his passion of personal growth, Justin now gets to live out his purpose each and every day. Not only does he coach people to “be uncommon” and live intentional, purposeful lives through his business Breaking Through You, he speaks professionally on the topics of leadership and personal development, and has a book titled “Leading With Love: The Guide To Becoming A More Loving and Empowering Leader”, which is also focused on looking at leadership from a modern lense and what it looks like in today’s society. 

Through all of his successes, Justin still firmly believes that the entrepreneurial journey can’t be completed alone, and a strong team around you is paramount in finding success. The people you surround yourself with- whether they be friends, family, coaches, or mentors- they can make or break your journey. For Justin, one of his greatest influences was his mentor, Chad Barrett. Mr. B taught him how to believe in himself, and break out to find his true potential as a leader, and live a life based on that identity. 

Justin’s successes can also be attributed to his transparency in both his success and failures, as it is a testament to the idea that success is not reserved for certain people, and anyone can be successful with the right work ethic and mindset. He is also extremely open about the struggles he faced with anxiety, depression, and fear, and this allows his clients to connect with him on a deep personal level and put their trust in Justin to help them max out their potential. 

Justin is now married and the father of two beautiful, loving children. He has spent the last 3 years living out his true purpose, and will always strive to find fulfillment in his life and trust his experiences and wisdom to guide him through fear and uncertainty.


  • Christian Bonnier

    Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from SUNY Binghamton

    I am a freshman at Binghamton University studying Accounting in the School of Management. I also co-host the Real Talk University Podcast where my friend Andre and I interview entrepreneurs to provide insight and advice to our college-aged target audience.