Working from home has become the norm for many people, and it is common to feel some stress when you are just starting out. Your home should be your refuge, and it is challenging to suddenly discover that your work-related issues can follow you straight into the one place where you should be able to relax. Starting a garden can provide you with these benefits that relieve work-from-home stress.

Soak Up the Sunshine

You might be tempted to stay inside to do your work, but this can dramatically lower your general mood since it makes you feel cooped up. A garden requires you to get outside where you can expose your skin to the sun. Since your body needs sunlight to make vitamin D, you’ll find that a trip to your garden helps to restore your energy.

Enjoy a Sense of Pride

There is something amazing that happens when you get home with a bunch of turf supplies and set to work on creating your garden. As you work, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are learning something new. Later, you get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you begin to see the plants that you so lovingly tended begin to bloom.

Give Yourself an Excuse for Breaks

When you begin to work from home, you may find that the hours tend to blend in together. Failing to take regular breaks sets you up for fatigue that makes it harder to manage your stress. A garden gives you an excuse to get up and go out to water the plants, or you might need to take a quick break to move a container plant out of the direct sunlight. Either way, you’ll remember to step away from the computer so that you feel more refreshed throughout your work day.

Get in Some Light Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins in your body that help you to maintain a better mood. Gardening provides just the right amount of exercise for you to go back to work without needing to take a shower. You can also enjoy short bursts of exercise as you bend and stoop that help to reduce the physical stress that working on your computer has on your body.
Starting a garden doesn’t have to be hard. You can start off by simply getting your lawn in shape. Then, you can add a few new plants here and there as you develop your green thumb. Whether you love growing flowers or prefer vegetables, you’ll enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor change your mindset.