Over-thinking and depression are strongly connected to each other as both of them drain your energy and your hope of positive life, but as we say good things take time, dealing with depression and over-thinking is also not an easy task. Most of the time, our circumstances define what we are today and what we would become in the future, but that should not be the thing. Our choices should define us not our circumstances.

People often say, “Don’t be dependent on the company of others to stay happy and fulfilled in life”, but then why an anti-social introvert also suffers from depression? It is all because there is a difference between being alone and being alone with yourself!

Just like over-thinking lead you to depression, similarly, when you’re depressed you start thinking about all the negative things, all the mistakes you committed in the past and this makes the situation worse. Here are some of the most common reasons for depression:-

1 Death of someone very close to you

Death of someone whom you love is seriously a painful and it’s natural that you’re feeling depressed and it would very abnormal if you feel no sorrow if someone close to you dies. All this can shatter your life for a short span, but you cannot let all this take control of your life and you have to learn how to overcome depression? You can still focus on the positive things, you can still cherish the happy memories of that person and you can still smile!

2End of a relationship (breakup)

This is something which is happening with more than fifty percent of the young adults in the world. At first, they offer all that they have to their partners (girlfriend or boyfriend) and after a few months, this partner turns out to be a temporary person. See it is normal when you start loving someone with all your heart and that person ditches you then obviously you will feel bad, your emotions will be hurt, but you should understand that end of a relationship is not the end of your life, you should understand that this is the appropriate time to love yourself, this is the time to give yourself that love and care, which you were offering to a temporary person, a yeah this is the time that you should take yourself out for a date!

There could be so many other reasons for your depression like – losing a job, your own health problem, pending debts, etc but there are just a few solutions for overcoming depression and over-thinking.

What do we need to do?

Whenever we hear an old joke our mind responds so quickly and we say “That’s an old one” or “poor joke” and one thing to notice here is that we don’t laugh on the same joke again anymore but then why do we cry all the time on the same problem again and again and again?

Problems will come, difficulties will come, whoever you are it doesn’t matter! But is crying a solution? Deep inside we all know it is not a solution but still, we end up crying. For once, it is good to cry, release the pain and let the tears flow, but just crying and doing nothing about the problem is a different thing.

Here is the secret for a stress-free life, trust me if you will follow this you will sleep peacefully at night:-

In our mind, we have all the answers to all the problems. All you need to do is to just give yourself some time. Before thinking too much about anything, just ask yourself a few questions:-

1) Do you really think it’s a problem? No? then why worry!

2) Do you really think it’s a problem? Yes? Then, can you do something about it? Yes? So why worry! Just do what you can do about it!

3) Do you really think it’s a problem? Yes? Then, can you do something about it? NO? So why worry! If you can do nothing about it, means you have nothing in your control, then just let it go, Why worry?

The point is that taking stress in never an option, but we only make it an option which causes depression.

How can you use your depression to bring out positive results for yourself?

Just like any superhero, humans also have superpowers! This looks like a joke, right? But it is not a joke. We have the strongest powers in the world, we have emotions! And I call this superpower – emotional energies.

There are two ways to make effective use of this superpower, one is when your heart feels extreme love and other is when you’re depressed when you’re heartbroken. The only difference is that when we are in love, we do impossible things only for our partner but when we are depressed and heartbroken, we can do impossible things for ourselves and for others as well. In love, our emotional energies flow in relax mode, but when we are suffering from depression, our emotional energies flow in the beast mode, we want to do our best in everything, we want to show to the world that we are not over and that’s the advantage. It’s like we are at the edge of a cliff, we may fall or we may fly but still, we have no fear, we feel fearless!

These are the things you can do to keep yourself busy in productive work:-

1– When you’re alone you have a lot of time to do stuff that you love to do instead of crying and find more ways, how to overcome depression. You can read your favorite book which you wanted to read for a long time.

2– You have the time to find your passion! This is the time where you can write a story, spend time in your hobby of painting, join dance classes and much more.

3– The best part is that whatever you do while going through depression if it is a productive activity then it will surely fetch the best results for you and bring you back to a normal life. The reason is the release of your emotional energies in that activity.

The heart-melting stories, the most beautiful paintings, the most soulful songs are the result of someone’s emotional energy as we always pour our feelings into these activities when we are depressed.

4– No wonder why the food cooked by our mothers is the most delicious one always, it is all because of the emotional energy they trap into the food.

5– Hit the gym, give yourself a complete makeover and work on your body. Studies say that it takes just 21 days to make someone or something your habit, that’s the reason you should involve more in productive activities when you’re feeling depressed.

As it will help you in two ways, first of all, you will be consistent to a meaningful and disciplined life and secondly, it will help you forget about the reason of your depression and keep yourself busy will not let you think over anything useless.

What would you say now? Is depression really depressing?