In today’s hyper-connected world, we have access to any information we need in any given time, at the click of a button.

It’s important that as we consume more information, whether it be for entertainment of education, that it supports our mental and emotional wellbeing in the best way possible so that it not only lifts our own spirits, but also allows it to ripple out into the communities around us.

Kelly Wing, founder of Ohwabisabi Media is a powerful content curator who curates the content of conscious creators and thought-leaders, providing them with a platform to share their messages, stories, and insights to a growing fan-base of thousands across the globe.

A dedicated media platform for spiritual entrepreneurs

Kelly fell into the media industry when she began a side-hustle as a Public Relations specialist at the start of 2020. A few months into it, she realized there wasn’t a dedicated media aplatform for spiritual entrepreneurs, who she naturally had a preference towards serving – so she created her own.

Now Kelly’s vision is to bringing more soul, depth, and spiritual wisdom into the world, one leader at a time through the media.

New solutions are needed as we shift into a new era

After witnessing catastrophic events unfold in 2020, it has become clear which solutions are needed in the world and which industries can better evolve to suit the needs of the new generation. Kelly sees that media is one industry that could use reshaping to bring more benefits to such a fast-paced world from a mental wellbeing perspective.

There has never been a more crucial time for the new generation of leaders to start growing their presence outside of social media and sharing their message across multiple platforms online.

“People are now looking for new leaders they can trust. It’s important that as leaders we step up and show our truest, most real and authentic selves. Those who lead from a place of love are now powerfully guiding others into the new world.”

Raising the tide together

By sharing content from these new and emerging thought-leaders of the new generation, Kelly is able to work in harmony and co-creation to support others in bringing their visions to life – individually yet together at the same time. Kelly shares that “it’s not about competition, it’s about raising the tide together.”

As she works towards changing the landscape of media, she understands that the more attention we bring to our messages, the more people we can positively influence and impact collectively.

Some of Ohwabisabi’s highest values are empowerment, love, compassion, empathy, unity, authenticity, vulnerability, story-telling, impact, freedom, intimacy, soul-led, heart-centred, and self-expression.

You can follow Kelly on Instagram here.