Kimon Lee is a man of beliefs, he believes in the value of hard work, desire and commitment, he wants to inspire thousands of individuals to achieve their dreams, to create something and attain something that every single one of us desiring which is called “time freedom”. His hope and dream are that he can help people get to the next level in life and become better versions of themselves. He has trained people from all walks of life, namely, stay-at-home moms, business professionals, and even business students to understand the power of starting a business and leveraging their own time.

Kimon Lee is a devout Christian and is married to his high school sweetheart, Sarah, and they have two beautiful boys, Evan and Ethan. He used to be an electrical engineer who worked at Intel for 13 ½ years before deciding to dive into the world of home-based business and start his very own company in late 2002. He was a man whom most might call someone who “had no business being in business”, but due to his determination and passion for, he turned a part-time venture of his into a million-dollar investment opportunity.

Currently, Kimon has earned over a million dollars and is a consistent high six-figure earner. He has reached the top position in two home-based companies in the USA. He was invited by world-renowned leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell to be part of the sixty professionals that Dr. John Maxwell has handpicked from all over the world to participate in the first-ever network marketing leadership training.

Kimon Lee has been creating so much value in the home-based industry for 19 years now, coaching thousands and thousands of individuals from all walks of life, helping them earn an income from the comfort of their own homes. Kimon Lee is also helping in the expansion of a global health care product-based company which is the leader in Liposomal delivery currently operating in 15 different countries worldwide.

The home-based business industry is a ripe industry with multiple opportunities to earn money and operate. Kimon has made it his personal mission to hone the skills of the individuals and businesses within this industry so that they can operate at a level of comfort and ease. It isn’t always easy, which is why Kimon also shares the trials and tribulations that he has faced when venturing into home-based business as well. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he has built and lead organizations in the industry to become million-dollar companies that are competent enough to hold their own against the harsh nature of the industry.

Kimon Lee’s beliefs are strong and firm, which is why he can get through to people in a multitude of ways. He has a way of inspiring thousands of people through his coaching and consulting and reinstating his beliefs in a way that helps others understand the power of starting their own business. He is constantly providing a better way to manage and leverage people’s time and energy, ensuring success in the business endeavours that they decide to partake in. Kimon believes in a lot of things, he believes in God, and he believes that his mission is to help people from all around the world, most importantly he also believes in his partners and their paths to success.