They always support each other (unlike some friends).

I’ve become fascinated with the concept of “kindred spirits” having just finished the book, Anne of Green Gables, where the wise, observant young heroine, Anne, delights in meeting a few people, whom she recognizes as kindred spirits.

Part of my fascination is that kindred spirits are not necessarily friends, although they may be great friends. In the book, Anne, who is incessantly chatty, quickly recognizes the quiet man who adopts her as a kindred spirit. The personalities of the two characters are quite different, but they immediately fall into a natural understanding of each other. Their understanding transcends verbal communication. They understand each other’s feelings.

Anne also has a friend her age who becomes a kindred spirit; the two girls bring out the best in each other, always. They are encouraging and supportive, never envious or competitive. They have other friendships that do not function the same way and they recognize that what they have is special.

Kindred spirits are the people who we connect with at a who-we-are level. We can tell each other our dreams, our fears, and not worry about being judged. We can talk to each other in trusted confidence.

I feel that I have more kindred spirits and close friends in my life than ever before. I know that this comes from me being more open and grateful and being true to myself.

I think the more we seek out what we really love in life, the more kindred spirits we find. People on similar paths. Valuing similar things. Perhaps, what is best about kindred spirits is the mutual benefit. You help each other thrive.

Who are the kindred spirits in your life?
 Make sure to give them a shout-out from time to time.

Wish you had another kindred spirit or two in your life?
 Start pursuing something you are curious about and be open to who you meet in the process. Life has a way of being perfectly serendipitous, if we are observant enough to recognize it.

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