In the middle of 2021, I decided to take a closer look at the food that I was eating. I decided to cut back on meat products and dairy, and then I shifted to a plant-based diet. I also increased my fruit intake by making smoothies more often and I started being more intentional about meal preparation. After making this shift, I experienced the connection between food and mental health for myself. I felt lighter, I wasn’t bloated, I wasn’t hungry all the time, and my cravings for sugary foods started to disappear. My back aches even stopped, and as a result the quality of my sleep was much better. Mentally, the improvement in focus was evident — I am able to be more productive in a given day because my mind is sharper. So many aspects of my life seemed to improve, and my mental well-being improved with them.

I’m also proud to say that my new focus on nutrition also benefited my husband. Since I’m the one managing the food in our kitchen, my husband has also cut back on meat products. We normally have homemade everything instead of buying outside. That way, I know what food we are eating! He’s now used to eating more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based food, though this is really a process that will take some time. We’ve also cut down on junk foods and have very few now in our pantry.

Lately, I’ve faced a challenge with my new nutrition habits. I recently had surgery, so physically I’m not at my best and, unfortunately, I’m unable to prepare for our food. My husband tends to buy takeout, but if we are lucky, my in-laws will bring us home-cooked meals, which are very delicious and nutritious. 

When I can cook, I make food preparation intentional to make sure that I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered. I believe that planning ahead really works. For example, over the weekend I make a meal plan so I know what to buy from the market or grocery. This also gives me the opportunity to be thoughtful about the food that we eat and the money that we spend.I would encourage others to try some nutrition Microsteps to get started with healthier eating. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so these small actions can be very helpful. One Microstep I’ve been doing is keeping a reusable water bottle at my desk. I actually have a two liter water bottle with me right now! Hydration is essential for focus and productivity. Another Microstep I love is setting a daily caffeine cutoff. And I switched from coffee to tea with honey so I can also cut back on sugar and cream. And my last Microstep is to take an actual lunch break! This one might seem simple, but this is a non-negotiable for me. I need some time to decompress and recharge. Try a Microstep for yourself and see what a difference it can make!


  • kL D. Fernando

    Field HR Associate Manager


    My name is kL D. Fernando and I am a Field HR Associate Manager. I have been with Accenture for 8 years now and have been into different HR Roles, most recently Field HR supporting our Business Operations, Legal, Global CF and Human Resources Teams. I am from the East, Binangonan Rizal and enjoy mountain views during the weekend, or a simple road trip with my husband and family. I have been blessed to be married for 12 years and I’m looking forward to more adventures professionally and personally, with God guiding our way all throughout.