Kustas Kirsipuu is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a great inspiration to the youths in the business. Having started from the bottom with nothing to building an empire, young entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from him. The good thing is that the Estonian is very committed to helping the young people in the business attain financial freedom.

There are many ways that Kustas Kirsipuu is helping young entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. First, he is just 29 years old. Therefore, he understands better what the current youths are going through and what they need for their businesses to break even. Here are four ways how he’s helping youths excel in business and in achieving financial freedom.

1. Through His Journey to Success

His story of starting from the bottom to becoming one of the millionaires who came from nothing is a great inspiration to the youth. Like most of the youths, Kustas Kirsipuu moved from his home at the age of 21 and started doing some of the most unpleasant and despicable jobs. He also worked long hours to improve his earnings.

So one thing that the aspiring young entrepreneurs need to learn from that is that they must move out of comfort zones. They must also avoid being picky in the job market while starting and work extra harder. Discipline, persistence, and commitment are also crucial traits that entrepreneurs learn from Kirsipuu’s story. So by just reading his story, which is written everywhere, there is a lot that young investors can learn from him.

2. Using His Connection

For any business to grow, connections are very crucial. That is one major thing that young entrepreneurs under the wings of Kustas Kirsipuu are benefitting. Having worked with world-class influencers such as Anthony Delgado and Eric Worre, he has built networks with powerhouse entrepreneurs who can help youths in the business move to the next level of financial freedom. Networks mean a broader market, which provides a larger customer base for the products. That is how they make more money hence financial freedom.

3. His Network Marketing Business

One of the areas that Kustas Kirsipuu has invested heavily in is his network marketing business. These businesses provide a platform for other businesses with a wider market where they can sell their products and services to a larger customer base. So it helps youths who have excellent products to get exposed to a larger market. So they are able to expand their customer bases and with that comes more money. That is another way that he has used to help young entrepreneurs create financial freedom.

4. Seminars and Interviews

Last but not least is through interviews and seminars. Kirsipuu does not shy away from attending seminars and interviews to share his knowledge about entrepreneurship. It is through such platforms that he provides youths in business with tips on how to create financial freedom. Through these platforms, he enlightens young entrepreneurs on the opportunities in the market and how to exploit them for maximum profits. Just watch and read most of his interviews, and you will be impressed by his grasp of the market.

These are just some of the ways Kustas Kirsipuu helps young entrepreneurs create financial freedom. He has platforms and connections that young entrepreneurs need to break even. The story of this powerhouse entrepreneur is also a great inspiration to the youths in the business.