During my practice of Dr Joe Dispenza’s belief change meditation, I chose to focus on my beliefs around joy and gratitude today. In this guided meditation you choose two beliefs about yourself or life you would like to change.

Side note; I use to choose what I wanted to work on before I started the meditation for Fear* that I wouldn’t be able to think of something quick enough and have to pause the video thus messing up the meditation. Now I tell myself that when the time is right I will have the answer this also applies for releasing my need to always remember thoughts I think I might need later which is part of my strategy to release compulsive thinking.

Back to the point; for the first belief I chose to work on my lacking joy. I wanted to understand what was blocking me from allow this to rise naturally within me.

For my second belief I chose to work on gratitude as it was what came up for me at the time. While practicing releasing the belief of not being grateful and or a grateful person I became aware of how much this was a trigger for me and felt really strong emotions towards this idea.

I realised how this belief has blocked me from feelings of gratitude and thus hindered my attempts at bringing in things in my life to be grateful for.

I am now (from today) commited to improving my connection with gratitude and becoming a grateful person.

My action steps will include a daily morning and night gratitude journal and looking for opportunities to feel grateful to really get a strong sense of what it means to be deeply grateful.

*lean into your fear… as I write this post I realised I was acting out of fear for my decision to choose my behaviour change topics. I have noticed that anytime I base my actions out of fear the end result is detrimental to me or I miss out on an opportunity for growth. So I try to avoid acting out of fear whenever I become conscious of it :).

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