Declaring an end to the day, even if I haven’t completed everything, is one of my go-to Microsteps. Like many of us, I struggle to get everything done in a day. Life is a balancing act with work, family, social, and home obligations all competing for my attention. Before Thrive, I would often go to bed thinking of all of the things I didn’t accomplish that day. Now, I understand that there will always be things on my to-do list, and that’s OK. Declaring an end to my day means that I trust myself to have prioritized the most important tasks of the day and to have done the best that I can. It helps me release negative self-talk and celebrate the day’s accomplishments, knowing that tomorrow is another day.

One way I’m able to connect with my colleagues is through regular one-on-ones. My manager and I have open, honest conversations about our top priorities each week, which helps us both align on what’s most important and allows grace when other things might not get done right away. Communication is key, and I feel more supported knowing that my manager and I are on the same page.

If you’re feeling stress or anxiety, remember to go easy on yourself. Stay present and enjoy the little moments in life. For me, my morning ritual — yoga, a delicious cup of coffee, and a walk with my dog in nature — helps me have the best start to the day. Find your own daily ritual to help you stay centered and resilient. Celebrate your progress along the way to a goal without worrying so much about what hasn’t yet gotten done. Trust that it’s all unfolding how it’s meant to.

Working at Thrive has taught me that we create our own realities through our choices, habits, and beliefs. Stress is inevitable, but how you choose to respond to it is within your control. When negative situations arise, I find the lesson and silver lining instead of ruminating on what could have been. I’m more mindful of negative self-talk and my tendency to be hard on myself. I’ve doubled down on my commitment to my own well-being, understanding that I can’t show up well in life without a full tank. Thank you, Thrive!


  • Laura Haberberger

    Client Partner

    Thrive Global

    Laura is a Client Partner at Thrive Global. She helps organizations through the evaluation and purchasing process of Thrive offerings, so that they can bring our well-being resources to their employees. Laura has worked at Thrive for one year and formerly held sales positions at technology companies like Slack, Salesforce, and Donut.