In recent years I’ve started practicing Transcendental Meditation (a.k.a. “TM”) twice a day for twenty minutes. I was trained by a TM instructor over two years ago and have been doing it every day since, twice a day (minus a handful of days in between). Additionally, I try to incorporate even five minutes of yoga a couple of times a week. I also started getting trained in Reiki I (through Northwell’s Wellness Center in Roslyn) and will be Reiki II certified by the end of February.

I started TM in December of 2019. What prompted me to try it was a whole lot of stressful life events, as well as inspiration from celebrities like Jerry Seinfield and Lady Gaga who practice TM as well. As far as yoga, I’ve been doing it for years and from the very beginning I’ve been hooked. It has helped me calm my mind and makes me feel healthy (both mind and body). As far as Reiki, my sister is trained in Reiki and I’ve always had an interest. Once I received the email from Northwell Health’s Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, I felt a calling to do it! So far, I like it! It puts me in touch with my spiritual side.

I try to bring well-being to work with me. With my colleagues, I always try to give positive reinforcement and offer a helping hand whenever I can. It’s the small moments that count.

From my TM, yoga, and Reiki practices, I’ve learned that the best antidote to stress is taking a break. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s a sign you need to take a step back for a while, even for a few minutes. You’ll be able to return back to your work less stressed and with a clearer mind. And you can always take those moments to indulge in something that brings you back to joy. My joy triggers are music and yoga!

We can all continue to learn, and I’m learning through Thrive’s resources. After attending a Thrive webinar, I feel like I’m more mindful of my environment and my emotions. I’m better able to separate my emotions from whatever is going on around me and realize that all there is in this moment is now, and not get caught up in the daily drama life throws at you.


  • Laura Piervinanzi

    Talent Acquisition Specialist, RPO

    Northwell Health

    Laura Piervinanzi grew up in a one-square mile town called Malverne in Long Island. Fast-forward a few years: she then ventured her way to Fordham University at Lincoln Center where she studied Communications and Media Studies. Her plans to pursue a career in TV production or TV writing — one of her passions is creative writing, as well as watching lots of TV — were derailed when she graduated during a "hiring freeze." Nonetheless, life took her on a zig-zagged career journey, from working in a law office to corporate retail, that eventually led her into the healthcare industry and ultimately where she always wanted to end up, at Northwell Health. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the NEW RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Department, she is challenged every day to fill open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible, but the challenge always leads to a rewarding feeling once the job is filled. Feeling like she makes a difference every day is what gets her out of bed.