In a world full of ideas, beating your own drum, going against received wisdom and wholeheartedly trusting your own instinct is rare. Several iconic companies and entrepreneurs, whether it be Apple, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Uber have marked a significant shift in leadership and revolutionized thinking.

In recent times, Air New Zealand stepped up in this domain as who could possibly think that an airline safety feature could be entertaining in any way. Don’t we completely ignore those? Watch this clip as it applies constructive anarchy to its truest form.

We are in a moment in time where opportunity is abundant. An opportunity to generate goodwill and yet our organizations are strangling innovation and creativity due to layers and layers of processes. Structure is important, accountability as well however not at the expense of killing the very essence of a business to create, to serve people and make a difference in the world.

We need to maximize the unique attributes that one brings, the DNA blueprint, to propel us forward and lead the way in creating shifts in thinking.

When we prioritize all people, whether it is clients, staff, stakeholders, we place ourselves in a position of opportunity to facilitate someone’s growth and above that, we actually all grow.

Connect with the hearts and minds of people. Create a culture of connection, a transformative environment that fosters and nurtures positive human energy and shares the notion that both business and people flourish. What would our community experience if that was at the forefront of our existence?

We know that when we are fulfilled in life, it is because we give. When we stand, raw and real, irrespective of our circumstances, we come from a space of giving, sharing our knowledge for an opportunity to serve from a place of love and compassion.

Don’t we think it’s time in a world immersed in conflict, tears and heart-ache, that we need to give a little more.

If we all stood up, one at a time, whether it be at home, in the workplace or in the community, that one voice raising awareness, bleeding for change, and harnessing how we serve each other. Let’s speak to people about their dreams, aspirations and ideas. Let’s embrace conversations not only around data, analysis and processes. Let’s lead deeper conversations that support people to magnify their greatness, promote their individual strengths and collectively move towards living in alignment with a shared vision.

The acknowledgement when someone walks in, picking up someone’s paper when they have dropped it, holding the elevator door rather than the ooops, sorry l tried? Don’t we think it’s time we start to put others before our own needs?

The blame and shame culture runs madness in our society. Our society accepts a whinging culture. It’s always so what are you going to do about it? Whatever happened to WE? Whatever happened to how can we together work this out, how can we in partnership support each other to achieve, how do we demonstrate that we are working towards our vision?

We are always individually responsible for our own behaviors and actions however what ever happened to the notion of what can l do for you? Leadership is being killed by self-interest — the opportunity to gain at the expense of graciously bringing everyone along. What would happen if you made a coffee for one of your staff, you said good morning when you wandered by or hand wrote a thank you note expressing your gratitude for how that person made a difference today. What happened to compassion for people? Being the leader that serves from that place. A leader that supports people to magnify their individuality and foster innovation and creativity.

Maybe we need more Men In Black to cultivate a belief that anything is possible. Maybe we need to ask ourselves a different question. Maybe it is time for one person to step up in an organization to ask: What are we going to do about this? What do you think this would do for culture?

Leaders create culture.

Life is about WE. Everything is about WE. What gives life is giving even more to others. Everything is possible if you choose. If you want to grow, grow your people. You want to grow your business, grow your people.

Courage is the key to leadership. We step up and take responsibility for when things go wrong and when things go right, we give all the credit away. We don’t sacrifice our staff for our own self-interest. We stand in our power and give everything we have to ensure that we gain the respect and trust of our staff. When we earn that right, we nurture the safety of that environment and support all as we collectively move towards living a shared vision every day.

Take that leap of faith and be the crusader, the Joan of Arc as you step in and up in your leadership capacity. You are the people. You are the observer of what this could be. The commitment leader with a forward focus aligned with vision. The generator of good will and the collaborator to achieve results.

Be grounded in the real world experience and with a laser focus determine how to add value where you can. When we make the commitment to a we centric culture, we make a commitment to all.


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Originally published at on February 6, 2017.

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