Many a time, businesses forget the human side of the trade. A business’ primary goal is to help people lead a better life.

Sales, money, and profits are just beneficial repercussions of your act of kindness.

The money you earn is just an exchange transaction for the results and transformation you’ve produced.

But how do you own your power to transform and fetch results that make your clients go awe? You do that when you find your identity and figure out your purpose. That’s when you begin to grow without hustling 24X7.

Your brand positioning becomes easy and natural

Many brands struggle to find their unique angle.

They have a hard time positioning in a crowded market. They have a hard time defining their USP (Unique selling proposition). All because they’re not clear on their purpose.

The ONE THING that defines your very existence as a business, decides your USP.

If you look closely, your positioning as a brand is all about your purpose.

Let’s take an example of a company that sells eco-friendly, plant-based, organic fabrics. Your USP becomes – The only company that brings you 100% biodegradable fabrics that are not just safe but also cruelty-free.

The USP instantly attracts vegans, environmentalists, and eco-warriors because you’re making that one promise that uplifts their strongest beliefs. And they are your best audience. They’re the ones who’ll actually buy from you.

You never have to worry about convincing them why your product is a good fit for them. They already know it.

Your USP is you. Your personality. Your passion. Your thing.

You connect with your audience effortlessly

When your mission statement has the power to influence people, it’ll only attract people who get happy about your solution.

When your USP projects your values loud and clear, people know why you’re in business. The like-minded tribe roots for your brand and join the purpose-driven forces.

In the biodegradable fabric example, saving the planet is the big fat reason why people buy because they care about people who care about the planet. And all the believers, to whom saving the planet is a religion, come together and join hands to run the world – in a better, sustainable way. That’s how they cheer for your brand even if you don’t ask them to.

Do what’s you and the rest is an effect of your afterglow.

You attract opportunities that help you grow despite your shortcomings

When you express your purpose and belief, you are welcoming opportunities that open up unexplored markets for business.

Let’s take the example of this eco-friendly plant-based fabric company called X. Say X inspires another company Y because Y is a no-waste, plant-based, chemical-free shampoo bar company that shares the same values as X. Now Y approaches X for a business partnership – the duo comes up with a brand new product called the 100% Plant-based Bath & Bedding sets that become a huge hit in the eco-friendly hotels sector.

Now, this partnership had 3 major benefits:

  1. A brand new product that became a hit
  2. Birth of a value-driven, purpose-oriented, mutually beneficial product
  3. Collaborative market space – a wider audience that respects the same values as both X and Y

Likewise, such partnerships open up channels of opportunities that complement your strengths and weaknesses.

You need not worry about work-life balance

“Your true passion should feel like breathing; it’s that natural.”

Oprah Winfrey

When you align your work with what you believe in and move in a space you are comfortable in, you become invincible.

Because you need not worry about balancing your work and life, it’s already aligned. Because work is not work in the traditional sense anymore. It doesn’t pressurize you, it’s the reason why you sleep peacefully and get excited to get out of your bed every morning.

And when you appear for work from that space of purpose and motivation, you achieve more, you perform better, you make waves and create a lasting impact.