How do you react when someone cuts you off in traffic? When someone makes a hurtful comment? Do you lash ut? Do you feel like you have to tell them off?

I heard somewhere that as we get older, we learn not to react so violently to everything the moment it happens. We are able to pause and think first. I truly believe that this is one of the keys to a more peaceful life.

Through all the personal development I have been doing in my life in my counsellor training, my Priestess training and my continued exploration of myself I have learned to reflect on what is important and what is my or someone else’s “problem”. 

This is also connected to the need to be “right”. For me, being “right” (whatever that is) is not important. I know I can not change anyone, so instead of getting all worked up and going into battle, I can just take a pause, breathe and leave it. Let it be. 

It takes practice, because this constant reacting, this constant wanting to win is usually a behaviour that has been with us for a long time, but it is not healthy, since it causes stress and it does in fact not leave us feeling content.

Being a Priestess helps me with this work because I am constantly working with myself through the cycles of the Wheel of the Year, the cycles of the moon and my own cycles. I am constantly confronted with different energies and seasonal themes that make me reflect again and again about everything that goes on within me: that is, my reactions and triggers, old patterns, fears, strengths and struggles.

Doing this work in my daily life I can see real change. How I treat people have changed, how I handle my own emotions is different now than it was when I was younger, how I act and react is something I am very aware of on a daily basis. It is like I am watching myself from above or within, noticing what goes on. I can be very enlightening!

The exciting thing is that I can use everything in my daily life for this exploration and development, and it makes my life so much richer! Everything that happens or bothers me is something I can use.

What emotions are stirred up?
Do I want to react?
Do I have to react?
Where does this reaction come from? A need to be right? Old patterns? Or am I just tired?

I’m not saying it’s easy. It is an ongoing exploration. I, too, get angry. I get frustrated and say things I probably shouldn’t.
I could have chosen not to do that. But at that moment I chose to.
And yes, it is a choice. 
Will I react the same next time?

I invite you to pay attention to your reactions today
So, enjoy your day. Explore it! Explore yourself!

And have a good time!