There are plenty of theories about why the 2016 Presidential Election played out the way it did. Now a new book about the Clinton campaign suggests that Clinton’s exhaustion may have played a role the outcome, according to an excerpt published on The Hill.

In the excerpt from their book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, political writers Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes paint a picture of an exhausted candidate prone to taking out her bad moods on her staff. They write that prior to a debate against Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s short temper seemed to be caused by a “potent mix of exhaustion and exasperation.”

Just before the debate (following a loss in the Michigan primary) Clinton, according to Allen and Parnes, lashed out at her staff in what amounted to a “humiliating scene,” they write. Allen and Parnes suggest that her fuming may have happened because she was “up into the wee hours the night before, agitating over her loss” and second-guessing her campaign’s decisions on where to travel and focus their efforts during the race.

We’ve written before about Trump’s terrible sleep habits and this revelation shows that sleep-deprivation (which can lead to poor decision making and of course, a less-than-sunny disposition) is far from a partisan problem. It’s an important lesson for us non-politicians, too — you can’t be at your best, personally or professionally, if you’re not getting the sleep you need.

Read the full excerpt here.

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