I’d like to share an analogy with you about an apple tree. Most see the fruit but never consider the process the seed went through. Never consider the plethora of conditions it endured. Never acknowledged its origins and process in the dark place. Allow me to enlighten you further.

That seed needs specific conditions at specific stages starting firstly by being sown into dirt, isolated and in darkness. The seed is isolated and cannot be planted by other plants especially weed plants as their roots will wrap around it and choke it, extracting all of its nutrients leaving it for dead. It needs darkness to go through its process, similar perhaps to the process you are enduring right now.

Again let me remind you that we see the fruit and not the process. How exciting for us when we see that little beautiful green stem pop through the ground with its apple scented tiny leaf, unaware that that precious, lonely seed had to break open, literally die before any stem could be born. It doesn’t end there as the conditions change and our once darkness orientated seed now needs sufficient light, water and attention.

It can take up to 5 years for this stem to grow into the fullness of the tree that it is destined to be. Month by month, season by season, our tree endures. Spring comes and all the beautiful flowers seem to have life surrounding us but we still have no fruit. Summer kicks in and we still have no fruit. Autumn/Fall approaches fast and the only beautiful thing about us withers away into the cold Winter and before we know it we are in year 6. Still no fruit.

Again Spring comes and Summer and Autumn/Fall and Winter, but still no fruit. Year 7. We pause right now and gaze upon our tree and see no hope, just dormant branches afflicted year in year out by the inevitable seasons. This process continues for three more years, and after years of what looked like dormancy, months of dryness, wind battering storms, an apple appears almost a decade later. But why? But how? The process. You see, the process was not evident above the ground while we were desperately awaiting our first apple, but beneath the ground something very powerful was happening in the secret place. Those roots were growing deeper and deeper and eventually grew as tall downwards as the tree is upwards. Now our tree has fruit and is well planted, rooted firmly and has experienced every season multiple times and endured the harshest storms and conditions. It shall not be moved.

You may feel like your life is a lot like this tree right now, like everything seems dormant, stuck, non-progressive and dead. I am here today to tell you that everything that you’re going through is not in vain. Just like this tree, you’re going through your process. You are being planted deeper and deeper and when your season comes, you will bring forth solid fruit. Be of good courage.

This is not how your story ends;

Written By Steve Whyte

Originally published at medium.com