When you read this title you will ask yourself, is it really true that listening to music will help with self-confidence? And you will be surprised to find out that it is true, has been proved scientifically and medically.

Your counselor or your therapist, if you have one, will prescribe music. But to prove this, we will give you some facts from proven sources.

• The notion of self-confidence relates to self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, abilities, strength, and more. Self-belief has been directly connected to self-esteem and music has a direct effect on our self-esteem.

• Pieces of happy/sad music can affect us, and a study showed that after hearing a short piece of music, people were more likely to see a neutral expression as happy or sad, as such matching the tone of the music they had just heard and this, in turn, affects their way of handling a situation with higher levels of confidence.

• Life is a series of ups and downs and when we are down our self-esteem is too low, music lifts us up out of that place, and we feel revived enough to take on our downs otherwise we enter a vicious cycle.

• Music in the home creates an environment conducive to the creative process – known fact – and when we are creative or successful, this increases our self-confidence in ourselves.

• Love songs cause us to be in a romantic mood, and motivating music or songs can definitely boost our self-confidence.

• When we give ourselves this boost with music we are able to take the initiating steps to a career or life issue, and once we do that we gain more confidence and solve the next step, and so on.

• And sometimes, we come to a situation that needs trial-and-error, learning one’s capabilities, and building up the confidence needed to solve a particular issue. In this case, you cannot find something better than music to relax you enough so that you can look into yourself and begin trying.

• Building self-confidence is the first step to success and for that we definitely need music. It’s a proven thing that attending
music concerts
 is contributing a lot in lifting your confidence level.

• Success is not achieved overnight but is a long process of multiples of steps. And, you need to be calm and collected for each step of the way; music helps us in doing that. This is proven through personal experiences as well as psychologist’s studies.

• Positive thinking also helps us to take steps on our life road either in career choices or in our personal relations, and listening to music calms the mind and heals the soul, then we can have the positive energy necessary for all life issues.

Building self-confidence is not a quick five-minute remedy, but actually, a long process in a cycle that the more you build, the more you have, and the more you can build even more. So, if we can have the help of music, then along the way to soothe us, our nerves, our souls and more; why shouldn’t we, it is easy and accessible.