Think of the devil and the devil is here. Stress is perhaps the only feel in this world that comes so effortlessly. From the smallest bit of worry to the hectic schedules, the life today is so much prone to this notorious thing. Wherever it goes, the inauspicious consequences follow.

A report published on 26 April 2019, it reads World is angry and stressed

This report tells how aggressive people have become nowadays. 150,000 people in 140 countries were interviewed. One third out of them said that they are the victim of stress and one out of five feel sad or angry.

Hmm.. the signs are not good and it is necessary to now start working in the desired direction. From financial matters to political reasons, there are countless causes of stress. But you know what, no matter how different people are in this world in geography, religion, language, etc. problems are more or less the same.

The need is to think of collective solutions as we all are of the same species (humans). If we try, it is possible to overcome the prevalent issue of stress.

Here are several ways through which stress can be nullified at a global level.

Do not rush

Speed is not good for a healthy life. You get up early morning to rush for the job or other tasks of the day. Metro, cab, whatever you pick, everywhere you just rush. A whole day, you are doing things in haste and at the end of the day, you go to bed exhausted but planning for the next day. Where are you going exactly?

Stop running for things. No, no one is asking you to live a monk-like life. But why always run behind things. Go to bed early; get up early to have adequate time for everything. Leave home early to reach the workplace on time or before time. You may not realise, but when we rush for things, it becomes our habit. No matter how much time we are left with, but we are always in a hurry. When we reach our destination, office, home, tuition, dance class, etc. we keep feeling the stress.

Walk slow and steady, even if you know that you may get late, never run. This may sound impracticable, but this is the way to teach your mind and body a new habit. When you know that you have left the habit of rushing for things, your mind will naturally drive you to do things on time. This helps a lot to keep away the destructive stress.

Talk to people and not to the devices

Mobile phones, laptop, computers, television all have their special as well as unavoidable space in your life. But you should never forget that they are not your life but just a part of life. If you are spending a good number of hours on these, sorry, you are no more a social animal. Sit and talk with people face to face. How about a coffee with your partner every evening. Why invest yourself completely in mobile when you come back home? Keep these things away from you and try to do real conversations with people around you.

It is not necessary to have a big group of friends, but certainly, someone who makes you feel relaxed. Talking in person in a calm and peaceful atmosphere releases stress smoothly and you start feeling a major difference. It in fact helps repair the ruined relations. In place of sending abusive messages to your ‘ex’ why not stay quiet for a few days. Don’t even see his/her picture on the phone or Facebook account. Someday if you meet him/her by chance, go to a coffee shop, sit together and indulge in a healthy conversation. Both of you have to move on, accept that reality. It works miraculously and gradually you start feeling more mature.

Technology sometimes makes us self-centred, look at your daughter, she has made a beautiful picture, go and admire it. These small moments teach you to live an actual life.

Embrace discipline in financial life

A big population is facing mounting obligations. Many people face this because of their own habits. Not paying bills on time, missed repayments etc. are bad habits and they push you in bad credit situation.  As a result, you get stuck in a maze of debts and rush to find relief from loan products like the unsecured loans for poor credit from direct lenders such as British Lenders, The Easy Loans in the UK that help to overcome the poor credit situation. This means, to get rid of mess, you have to take another obligation. Why let that happen? Stay organised and pay your expenses on time. Do not take any obligation, which you cannot manage. The stable financial situation is a huge reason behind the life of successful and happy people.

Make a routine backed with a healthy diet

Getting up late knowing where to start, clothes are not ready; the stomach is upset, bathing looks like a big task. Oh wait, you are about to become the victim of laziness which in turn is sure to increase stress. When your day is haphazard and unorganised, you feel aimless. At the end of the day, your depression gains height and you think, I did nothing today. Or if you are a busy person with a job or business, you do not feel satisfied.

Make a routine and follow it, keep things organised, this habit inspires happy mood. Also, it helps think clear about the bigger aims of life. How can you think about the next move of career if you are busy in finding your wallet from the mess on a bed?

Now the diet part. It is good to eat outside but not on a daily basis. Weekends (not all) are good for that. However, cooking at home and eating fresh is the best and great option. Keep doing something creative in your meals to stay excited about the home cooked food. Forget not the ‘eat healthy, live healthy’ phrase.

Never say ‘NO’ to hope and slow down your speed a little as it helps to stay calm and avoid stress. Live in the small moments and you can stay happier than ever.