Getting into nature is my medicine. It clears my head, helps me release stress, and brings me a sense of rejuvenation. I make it a priority to get outside every day, even if it’s a quick zip around the block. In particular, being on the water or in the mountains is a big joy trigger for me. Something comes alive in me when I am around plants, trees, and in the solitude of nature. Listening to the sounds, breathing in the smells, and taking in the beauty of the world reminds me what truly matters.

I also meditate as soon as I wake up each morning. I don’t look at my phone, I don’t check emails, Teams messages, or texts. As soon as I pop out of bed, sitting in meditation to clear my head and set my intentions can completely change the outcome of the day.

About seven years ago I experienced a traumatic event in my life that left me feeling very overwhelmed. I wasn’t sleeping and I was edging towards a place of constant anxiety and stress. I was searching for an answer to try and manage through the stress, so I visited a yoga retreat in the Bahamas to take a course on positive thinking. The focus was around using your mind to create a better life. We practiced daily meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and yoga. This wasn’t my first experience with yoga, but it was the most transformative. My life changed completely after this retreat, as I finally found a practice that worked for me. It requires discipline and constant work, but the payoff is worth every ounce.

When I’m stressed, two mottos that I follow are: Let it Go and Just Breathe. Lots of times we carry around emotions that we’ve outgrown. They no longer help us to live a fully awake and healthy life. We will all face challenges and hurdles, so I would tell myself to let go of trying to control outcomes. And just breathe through the tough times, as they won’t last forever.


  • Liz Raymond

    Head of Global TA


    Talent Acquisition leader by day, bonus parent, amateur chef, sound healer, meditation teacher, book nerd and outdoor explorer by night!