Didn’t they say lockdown was going to be restrictive? We weren’t allowed out for more than one hour a day, we couldn’t visit family or friends let alone new people and commuting to work was no longer a necessity for many industries, dog grooming included!

How ironic is it that despite being confined to one house, people from different countries are now connecting far more successfully than ever before?!

There is something about lockdown that has brought out the very best in people and businesses – being able to let go of the requirement to adhere to strict daily routines is what I’ve found most enlightening!

I felt much freer when I didn’t have expectations weighing me down!

When we don’t have to be up at precisely 7 am to walk the dog (rain, hail or sunshine), so that we can be back home for a shower and a slice of toast (if we’re lucky) before work at 9 am, we can begin to enjoy each moment.

We aren’t stressed, we aren’t chasing our tails – we have time to meditate over a coffee and plan our day based on our mood that day!

Flexibility has given me more enthusiasm to use my time more efficiently!

Since lockdown commenced, I have gone from a humble, local dog groomer, to one who is now known in many countries!

I have appeared in blogs, podcasts and live interviews for many wonderful pet-related businesses all over the world but most importantly, I have made some real friends with some of the most inspiring people – all through the power of the internet, social media and of course, Zoom!

Have you noticed that we have become a far more friendly race, too? Suddenly, the value of social interaction has been highlighted and, the world around us is surprisingly beautiful.

I got a phone call from my Doctor to check on my mental health around week 5 of lockdown – having battled with depression and anxiety for my entire life, I guess I was top of the list of “vulnerable” people.

You can imagine the surprise of my Doctor when I happily told him that I was feeling better than ever!

And it was true! I felt rejuvenated, motivated and excited about my future!

Curiously, it took the world to slow right down for me to progress faster, and find my inner strength!

It suddenly dawned on me – perhaps we all have it wrong?

What if life remained this way forever? Would the lack of expectation lead to a lot more getting done?

Just how unproductive is pressure? Could we learn how to get more shit done, a different way?

Could we make changes in our lives today so that come normality, we can work to live, not live to work?

When you are given the chance to stop and really be in the present moment, something truly wonderful happens – you get to live!

And I don’t been survive as we normally do, I mean truly live the way we would if we didn’t have the typical 9-5 job we are beholding to!

I get to know myself, I got to know my husband and my kids, I got to know my animals, I even got to know Mother Nature! Suddenly, I became the expert of being mindful!

There is something exhilirating about being set free from expectations!

Expectation is the killer of inspiration

Stephanie Zikmann AKA The Holistic Dog Groomer

I have had time to reflect on who I am, address the demons holding me back and completely re-brand my personal brand. I’ve re-vamped my businesses and I have set small, achievable goals. Life is finally looking prosperous.

Stephanie Zikmann Holistic Dog Grooming Coach was born and through the publication of one of my controversial articles, an amazing alliance of like-minded professionals have united for positive change!

A legacy has been born from the ashes of a world pandemic. A legacy that, will inspire my children and the children of the future in years to come.


Because if it really is possible to create something positive and life-changing out of an awful situation, that is all the proof you need that hope exists.

So tell me, what have YOU achieved?