law of attraction

You could be new to the Law of Attraction and using it to manifest all of the things you desire in your life. Or, you could be an LOA veteran just looking to speed up the process of your latest desires. Whichever camp you fall into, it’s normal to ask yourself, “How long does it take the law of attraction to work?”

There is no simple answer to this question because it varies based on what you’re trying to manifest, where your mindset is, and how skilled you are at manifesting. It depends on what you want, how much you truly want it, and what you’re doing to manifest it.

Some people do little more than list a goal – like a wish – and then wait for it to appear. They get frustrated when it doesn’t manifest, but what have they really done to help make it happen? How much inner work have they been doing? Are they meeting the Universe halfway and taking intentional steps toward their goals?

No one can really say for certain, other than the person who is doing the manifesting. You have to search your own heart and soul and see if you’re really doing all you should be and could be to make your dreams come true.

With that said, we’re going to talk about how long it may take the law of attraction to work for you, and things you can do to help speed up the manifesting process.

Are you ready?

Law of Attraction Basics and Beginning

When you first start practicing and using the Law of Attraction, you may find it easy to manifest all the things you don’t care about all that much. Maybe you’re bringing in the little things with ease – like parking spaces and $1 off coupons.

Those things are nice and it’s a great way to get your feet wet as a manifestor, but what if you want more? How are you at manifesting the big things?

First, it’s important to note that the LOA is not a wishing well. It’s not a fairy godmother or magical genie in a lamp, here to grant your wishes for your heart’s desire.

However, you CAN use the LOA to manifest all the things you dream of into your life, once you learn how to do it properly. There is a process. Different teachers will call the steps in the process something different but the same basics apply.

The first step is “attention focus”. This is the concept that what you focus on and give your attention to is what will happen. You may have heard it as “like attracts like” or “thoughts become things”. These are all the same concept, just explained in different ways.

The Law of Attraction is ruled by three things:

  1. Attention
  2. Energy
  3. Time

What you give your attention and emotions to is what you will create or attract into your life. If you’re worried you’re going to be late for work, you might hit every red light along the way or happen upon construction or a car accident, for example.

If you’re always thinking worst-case scenario, then you are likely creating those worst cases in your own life. Then when you see your worst fears come to pass, it reinforces those beliefs and it becomes a cycle of negative thoughts and negative consequences.

This is how people get stuck in a rut, where they feel like bad things just keep happening to them and there’s nothing they can do about it. To break the cycle, you need to break the negative thoughts.

First Step in Law of Attraction

So the first step is to put your attention on the things you want. You will also need to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions to reflect what you truly want. For the first step: attention, you may write down the things you want, journal “as if” (writing about what it will be like when you have what you are trying to manifest), or you may create vision boards. If you want to manifest a new car, you may take the car you want for a test drive. This is how you give your attention to the things you want. And it’s important to truly believe you can and will have it one day.

Put it in Writing

If you say you want it, you write it down and journal about it, you create a vision board with it, but your mind is still thinking, “I can’t really do this” or “This isn’t for people like me” then you are silently blocking your own manifestation. You are getting in your own way, so to speak. This is what slows down the process of manifesting.

Many experts believe that the moment you put an intention out there, the Universe grants it. Just like that. It’s instantaneous. What takes time is for it to get to us, is US. We slow the process because we worry, or we stress, or obsess, or don’t believe it can really happen for us. The Universe is just there to guide the way, but it is YOU who is manifesting what you want for your life. If you don’t believe you’re ready for it, then it’s not going to happen yet.

This brings us around to the second step: Energy.

You need to bring your energy up to align with what you are trying to manifest. You need to feel it and be excited about it and feel grateful for it as if you have already received it. The quicker you can get into the energy of already having the thing you want, the quicker it will manifest for you. This is why little things come more easily – you’re not as attached to the outcome. You don’t have as much weighing on it. It’s why manifesting an increase in earnings of $50 a month would be much easier for most people than trying to increase $5,000 a month.

Third Step of LOA Manifesting

The third step is time, and that’s what you really clicked on this post to learn more about. While patience is needed to help wait for the Universe to cook up what you’re manifesting, the time is really for your own benefit, not for the Universe.

In reality, all time is now, so if you really focus enough attention (faith and belief) and enough energy (joy and gratitude) to what you are attempting to manifest right now, it could happen instantly.

This is what many will call “a miracle”. The better you get at steps one and two, the shorter the time it will take to manifest your intentions. Some people practice until they can make it happen nearly instantly every time.

So, while you’re waiting, take ACTION. Inspired action toward your goals to show the Universe you really want it, and that you really believe it’s going to happen for you. That will help speed things along.

Any questions? What’s the fastest you’ve ever manifested something? Was it big or small?