‘How long will burnout last for me? This time next year will I find back my usual level of energy and motivation?’

Well, I must say the answer depends on the intensity of your burnout and the quality of your recovery.

For some people with mild burnout, it can take weeks or a few months. For others of more severe conditions, it could take even years.

Recent researches

In a narrative research on burnout by Science Direct, for example, Sara, age 57, kindergarten teacher, took more than 1 year and a half and still on the road to recovery.

Another research also revealed several cases undergoing recovery from burnout during more than a one-year rehabilitation intervention with six-month follow-up (Research Gate)

Why does it takes sometimes so long to recover from burnout?

The World Health Organization in its communication of 28 MAY 2019 stated that burnout is not classified as a medical condition. However, it is a real syndrome of chronic stress which has not been successfully managed.

With burnout, some part of your body gets physically damaged by stress and exhaustion. It takes a long time for your cells and organs to recover. And the brain heals the most slowly of all.

Be attentive to your body and mind

Therefore, in order to begin the process of healing, be attentive to the signs that your body and mind give you once it feels it’s at the edge.

Also, once you detect some symptoms, it’s important to take timely measures. Simple ways of managing stress and maintaining positive energy can make a big change at the early stage of burnout.

Probably like you, I’ve also been wondering how long my burnout would last. Today I know it depends greatly on how I approach it, and how I am attentive in listening to and taking care of myself.

So, take some actions today so as not to let your burnout go too far!

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