I was having trouble focusing, and that led to anxiety and depression. I wasn’t feeling good. I was eating a lot of fast food — burgers, bacon and sausages — and I had bad stomach problems. I wasn’t digesting food properly. I’ve just turned 60, and I wanted to focus more, and connect more at work, and at home. My wife, Unagh, and I have two grown children, Janine, who’s 21, and Zachary, who’s 28, and lives in Arizona. I heard about the Thrive Challenge and downloaded the Thrive app 18 months ago. 

I started by cutting out fast food and cutting down on unhealthy fat in my diet. 

No more fried food! My wife, Unagh, and I are making grilled or boiled chicken which we have with a little salad and white rice. We’ve cut down on salt, and we’re eating more veggies, like green beans, peas and carrots. I’m also eating fruit like fresh oranges. My stomach is so much better now, because I’m eating good food, and my digestion has improved a lot. I’m not in pain anymore. My wife encourages me to keep on with the Challenge and constantly tells me not to quit.

I’m moving, and getting exercise and fresh air.

At work, I park as far away as possible in the parking lot, so I get in more steps. And at home, I go for walks with our three dogs. My daughter, Janine, comes too, which is bonding for both of us. 

I also work in the yard; I’m enjoying mowing the lawn.

We have a little garden; we’re growing plantains, bananas, pomegranates, and passion fruit. I work in the yard with my daughter, Janine, which makes me happy.

Unagh and I are spending time together.

I used to sit and watch T.V. for hours and hours and now we’re talking to each other in the evening. We’re bonding more. And sometimes we go out for dinner. 

Thrive reminds me to be a nicer, kinder person.

The Connection Microsteps remind me to check in with my team at work. I used to be stressed and worried, but now I’m more patient and I don’t ignore how my co-workers are feeling. If I have to tell someone to change the way they’re doing something, I’m patient and understanding — I have more compassion. I think everyone appreciates the way I’m communicating, because during the last year and a half we’ve been working together really well.

I’ve been saving money.

By budgeting and spending less, I actually put away enough money to buy a car. My wife has health issues, and since I am the only one working in my household, that was an accomplishment. 

I’m focusing better and managing my time. 

With the Resets and Microsteps, I’m learning to pause and breathe. I finish things on time. I’m more present at home — I take the time to stop and really appreciate the wonderful, beautiful things in my life, like my family and my church — and that brings me joy. Checking into the app helps me so much. I really enjoy watering my plants and seeing the progress I’m making! 

I give myself time to meditate. 

I reflect on my shortcomings and think about how I can improve all my relationships. I’ve also been sleeping better, because I’m not wasting time on my phone. 

I’m a more caring person, I’m joyful, and I’m motivated.

Thrive has helped me rearrange my priorities and truly serve God. It’s helped me to rekindle my bond with my family and friends. And I’m excited about the chance to share my story. I want to let people know that I’m not depressed and sad anymore. My attitude has improved and I’m always striving to be better. I always recommend Thrive to everyone, because it’s changed my life.

— Luis Colon, Walmart Supercenter #2302, Barceloneta, PR; $5K Winner