How many days have you been a parent

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How many days have I been a parent? This simple question resulted in a whirlwind that has reached 2 million people on Facebook (and counting)! To find out for yourself, Google this: “How many days since [ your first child’s birthdate ].”

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How many days have I been a parent personally? 3,500 days right on the nose! And that number was amazing to see.

Those numbers are validating because we know just how much goes into each and every day as a parent! Being a parent is not a 9-5 job. There is no paid time off (in fact you don’t get paid at all). And you work nights and weekends. Picturing thousands of days of parenting makes you understand why you feel permanently tired!

It also puts the various stages of parenting into perspective. My heart goes out to the parents who haven’t even hit triple digit numbers yet. Those early days of parenthood are so challenging in so many different ways! Making it through baby’s first year is an accomplishment all on its own because each and every day is so intense.

There are the parents like me that are currently in that sweet spot of parenting. Our kids still need us, but their problems are still relatively small. Sure, we spend hours in the minivan trekking to and from youth sports and other activities; but the kids can at least buckle themselves into said minivan unlike the toddler stage that is in your rearview mirror.

I was able to look up to the parents just a few thousand days ahead of me and respectfully understand that they are trying to navigate the teenage years. Those parents have bigger concerns with real world ramifications for their children, and I can only imagine how many sleepless nights they are still enduring. The waiting, the worrying, and the wondering that goes along with raising a teenager can’t be easy.

Parenting also doesn’t stop once your child becomes an adult! There were many people commenting who were well past the 10,000 days mark, and yet they still have an incredibly important role in their children’s lives. Parenting is a beautiful commitment to a lifetime of love and helping your family through the ups and downs.

So whether you have been a parent for 8 days or 8,000… you are amazing! And you deserve credit for the many, many long hours you have dedicated to raising your family.

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