I am positive we have more than two sides and more senses than five…in fact I know of 14 senses and practice 9 and suspect there may be more senses to be discovered.

As claimants to the “top of the animal kingdom,” we descendants of homo erectus are also claimants to all of the senses of the “lower” animals…as such we have the ability to smell better than dogs and see better than cats. Indigenous cultures often had tribes that could smell you coming a mile away, “feel” a voice not physically present and some could fly…so whatsamattawithUS?

…and so it seems that the dominant culture of the few who actually lead our purgatory of: shop-til-you-drop behaviors; bigger and better misnomers; privilege scrutiny wars; techNOprimal tool sets; plugged ears; compassionless behaviors; denial of color, hate crimes and the like.

Profit and greed lead our ill-fated consciousness and we have more bombs displacement capacity than land to blow up…more nuclear bombs than atoms to demolish…more poison than water can drown, YET the targeted programming tells us to NOT sit still and smell roses, anything contrary is profitable.

Beats are NOT headphones, but what we have been programmed to accept…thus I feel we are 99% losers and the 1% who win are still creating images for us to lust for.

I think if we can learn to See and Accept ourselves, we will learn to Understand, Accept and Appreciate ourselves and then can we evolve.

r.u. with US?

Originally published at medium.com