Recently I asked the question ‘How many professional sports stars can you name who do ‘not’ drink alcohol?’ We struggled to name one.

Why is this?

The world of sport worked it out long ago, that alcohol and peak performance don’t mix.

These ideas then typically flow from elite sport into the business world. Hence why more business professionals have cut back or stopped altogether.

Yet no one talks about it.

It’s like they’re in a secret club, who have discovered something special and do not want to share their findings with the world. These alcohol-free leaders, innovators and sporting heroes are wonderful role models for us all.

I just wish I knew who they were?

The link between sport and business

There are so many similarities between professional sport and business. The difference between success and failure is minuscule. Whilst competition for business, both on a personal level and company level is intense. Like many professionals I wanted to be better, to perform at my peak. So I started to exercise, meditate and eat a healthy diet, but all failed to address the elephant in the room — Alcohol.

My story

4 years ago it dawned on me, the biggest threat to my performance in business, sport, and life was alcohol. So I got together with a group of like-minded people and we set ourselves a challenge, the ultimate social challenge — ‘One Year No Beer’.

Over the 365-days we smashed our long-held beliefs about alcohol. Not only did we all survive, but our professional, personal and business lives got 10x better.

Inspired by our adventures we set out to help as many people as we could. So we created a 28, 90 and 365-day alcohol-free challenge — to help people completely transform their relationship with alcohol. Also our best selling book ‘The 28-day alcohol-free challenge.’ is in all good bookstores and online here.

The Professional Footballers Association (PFA)

Having started out my career as a professional footballer I am working with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) on the OneYearNoBeer project. But I am still struggling to discover who those alcohol-free sporting heroes are.

However, since I started my alcohol-free adventure many top business professionals have reached out to say — they no longer drink for performance reasons. Many of them suggest that this one change has made a massive difference to their business lives.

But there must be so many more shining examples out there?

So back to my original question: ‘How many sports stars or business people can you name who don’t drink?’

If you are one or know of a booze-free businessman/woman, entrepreneur, sports star or everyday alcohol-free hero, please share this post with them. If you’re already an alcohol-free hero please drop me an email at [email protected], I would love to hear your story.

Call to action

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