People have different answers to what life’s biggest skill is. The answers most likely vary, as it is often following people’s work or the lesson they’ve learned in their lives. For people who are within the armed forces, their biggest life skill would be related to overcoming fear. For a sales mentor, it’s the ability to influence people. But for a salesperson, like Matt Tommy, it’s the ability to create and solve problems. He added, “Just like a doctor that has a patient paid proportionately to how good you are at treating the patient. Some doctors make seven figures, and some don’t and the same for salespeople. Sales are the lifeblood of the economy, so it is a crucial and fundamental skill that everyone should have, and most entrepreneurs lack in such skill. One of the factors to sales success is the ability to take imperfect action and get frequent.”

Matt Tommy started working for sales in 2017. But he was interested in Sales even earlier. With the help of a friend and mentor who took him under his wing, he got him into sales while Matt himself figured it out by taking action. Since then, he made thousands of phone calls and was one of the pioneers who entered the high ticket sales space just before it became a big movement that it is right now.

Even with minimal experience, he was able to generate over seven figures in sales for his clients quickly. With just a few years of career in selling digital products, coaching programs, and courses across all of the appointments and leads, he has already closed several of both inbound and outbound calls. Matt has also built multiple sales teams for these 7-8 figure entrepreneurs grossing them well over six figures a month and 8-figures combined through his groups.

One of the most significant factors in every business is sales. Even so, it’s something that companies and agencies lack. They either don’t know how to sell their products, reliant on bad script and practices, having a hard time delegating sales and more. But Matt Tommy made his services available for entrepreneurs and agencies who need a high ticket sales placement/manager plus networker in the online ecosystem.

Matt is not your average salesperson. With his ability to pick up the phone and sell products on 4-days notice or 2 hours notice, it only shows his capability of behavioral flexibility and adaptability. He does not believe nor rely on a script. He even calls salespeople who depend on a script to have a case of “scriptitis,” and how it is negatively affecting customers and leading them to a resistant state. Matt, on the other hand, creates his own script, can change the language and sound different to anyone in the marketplace. He also pours on value and solves customers’ problems by helping them move to their goals sooner rather than later.

Matt is a high-level salesperson. He is one of the best high ticket sales placement/manager plus networkers in the online ecosystem. He is creative, resourceful, and thinks outside of the box. He offers custom-tailored commission, only paid on performance closets that have been proven to bring in 6 figures a month of revenue for top-end entrepreneurs with online coaching programs. The other one is Sales Coaching/Consulting, as he has already worked on many unique campaigns that have collected $500k a week to $200k a month. Lastly, sales management and campaign selection, which he and his team also have a winning record.

If you need someone to sell your products for you or your agency, and undoubtedly have a good return on this investment. Contact Matt. Reach him through (1) 416-8226016 or send an email to [email protected].