Thrive Global and The Quaker Oats Company present The Fuel List—20 people changing the way we fuel our minds and bodies every day. These are the leaders making an impact in the worlds of sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness right now.

Nutrition can be an intimidating topic, but McKel Hill is using her wellness platform, Nutrition Stripped, to show that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. A registered dietitian and nutritionist, the Nashville, Tennessee-based Hill focuses on making healthy eating feel accessible by approaching it in a holistic way through recipes, advice, videos and more. Her platform extends to fitness and lifestyle, too. And she’s aiming to make a difference around the globe—her platform currently reaches people in 180 countries. In addition to her certification as a dietitian and nutritionist, she’s also earned a masters in clinical nutrition.

“Hill’s approach to nutrition is as simple as it is effective. The self-proclaimed ‘dietitian nutritionist who loves food’ makes healthy eating feel like a joynot a chore. She knows the importance of the journey and brings an authenticity to her work that encourages a supportive, uplifting community. And her mission, ‘Live Whole, Eat Well, and Feel Amazing,’ is something we can all get behind.” — Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer at Thrive Global