Some people may have never seen her coming. To those new to her presence, they may have just interpreted her as an overnight success. Yet, success, over a morning’s rising, rarely happens. It takes hard work, discipline, drive, and a successful support network. Most importantly, it also requires a strong foundation. A group of people, familial or in friendship, who recognized your spark before it ignited flames. Having lightening roots to those seeds is a plus! We can definitely say that rapper, businesswoman, and fashionistaMeagan Thee Stallion-definitely had the familial and matrilineal seedings of greatness.

As a woman, when you have been reared in a feminine Trinity, you experience the epitome of re-birth, and creativity. Its that unspoken wisdom, which is left unsaid, and continues to remain unspoken. Only those observant enough get to experience this knowledge. When we examine the matrilineal herstory of Meagan Thee Stallion, what we are observing is a foundational richness in a woman’s garden-metaphorically and physically. It is even more peculiar and unsual in the realm of Black American women’s cultural gardens, and the Southern roots, they spring from. Meagan was fortunate to have been exposed to two pillars of the garden-knowledge and the spoken word. That pillar of knowledge was invoked to her by her Grandmother. For the spoken word, it is her Mother.


Listening keenly to Meagan Thee Stallion’s interviews, you will hear her narrative on how her grandmother moved her for completion of her education, and her mother’s support of, and management, of her career. Interesting enough, that in her education, it is the healing field, that she has chosen.

Through Meagan Thee Stallion’s matrilineal culture, what we are experiencing, and observing, is triple femininity at work. At work and intertwining itself in producing the creativity that it is known for. Her grandmother-the Older Woman and sustainer of wisdom. Her Mother-the Guardian of children and birther. Her(Meagan Thee Stallion)-the Maiden, who tends to the garden, preserves, protects, and continues its existence. Through guidance, the Maiden can channel all three principles. In the absence of the Old Woman and The Mother, it is the Maiden who must continue the performance and existence of the other two feminine elements. So much is expected from our dutiful Maidens.


It was this year that the Old Woman and Mother figures of her own triple feminine matrilineal line, transitioned on. To have both her grandmother and mother pass on within the same time frame, is a huge blow. One can only imagine the pain, unless one has gone through it. For a Maiden to lose 2/3 of her feminine trinity‘s Earthly presence, is beyond devastating. How will she tend to the garden, now? Initially, it can be scary and mind boggling.

However, in observing Meagan Thee Stallion, and the success of her career and popularity-handling all of this while in school-we are experiencing how the Maiden continues the principles and feminine teachings, even if she is the only one from her familial, feminine Trinity in the Earthly realm. Let it be known that it isn’t easy, and it won’t be easy for a long time. Nevertheless, she is doing it. And she is keeping her end of the bargain (and deal) in this Trinity.


We don’t know the many tears she has cried. We have never seen the numerous times, when she has rocked herself to sleep; only to imagine, and wish, that her Mother was holding her. Pretending that she is hearing the sweet sounds of Negro spirituals, Gospelic tunes, pouring from her Grandmother’s lips. This is the world of Meagan, remaining invisible to mainstream’s eyes. Many questions most likely probe her mind. The why’s. Why did Heaven have to take the two pillars of her feminine trinity? Supposedly, leaving her alone in this industry, and world, where weeds slowly creep in to strangle any vegetation of one’s garden. Nevertheless, based on her interviews and her work, its evident that Mother and Grandmother taught her well. The strength of her Mother. The wisdom of her Grandmother. Its not always easy, I’m sure. Yet, Meagan Thee Stallion is carrying the legacy of her familial, feminine trinity, through her seeking of knowledge (Grandmother’s wisdom), and her skill with words (Mother’s Garden).

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND – MARCH 07: Megan Thee Stallion performs live onstage for 2019 WKYS Women’s Day at The Fillmore Silver Spring on March 07, 2019 in Silver Spring, Maryland. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

If we are to delve deeper into the Spiritual world, and the movement patterns of Heaven, perhaps, we could observe a different understanding of her familial transition. As much as her mother and grandmother loved her, perhaps their support of her on Earth was limited. Perhaps, there was a much richer, and greater level of abundance, that Meagan was to be directed to. A level which could only be reached if Mother and Old woman were able to work from behind the scenes in heaven’s domain. Assisting in the direction, and future direction of Meagan’s matriculation, and words, on Earth. Propelling their Maiden to greater heights. Perhaps the Creator, called Mom home because of refusing to allow man-made diseases to overcome her in a mental, dysfunction. Rather, seeing her Motherly richness as more suitable and powerful, in a place, where harm could not touch her. What if Grandma was called home, first, in order to prepare the place in Heaven, where Mom and Grandma would work from, in order to direct Meagan’s footprints? And with Grandma and Mother together, they are a powerful duo in assisting Heaven’s angels in protecting and guiding the Maiden. Whispering those Spiritual Blessings that only Heaven can provide.

As long as Meagan is continuing the work of education and the holistic power of words, she is continuing the legacy of her feminine trinity. She is keeping them alive, through her very presence as. . .the Maiden. Of course, Maidens, too, need healing. Maidens need nourishment. Carrying 2/3 of a trinity can be tiresome and overwhelming. So, where do Maidens go for that spiritual nutrition? Last time I checked, don’t Maidens occupy gardens? Do they not tend to those gardens?


What if during this time Meagan decides to work in, or grow her own, physical garden?

That during some free time, she could plant and grow her own vegetable or flower garden? Decorating it to match her own personality and womanhood. A place that she can retreat to, in order to gain mental and spiritual clarity. A space that she can lay in to experience knowledge, and allow the spiritual realm of her Mother and Grandmother to connect with her; touching her Spirit-reminding her that they are there. A sacred spacing, where she can re-explore her talent with words and rhythm. Discovering a new pattern, where words birth and create. Where words grow gardens and heal the Spirits of other women; as she explores how they paint the artistry of women, and people. After all, it was in the Garden, where knowledge was first found.

Until she grows her own garden, I’m sure there are plenty of gardens around, where she can find a peaceful solitude. Away from the hype. Away from the celebrity status. Just being her. Exploring her womanhood, the tasks, and work that will keep her connected to her feminine trinity. And, as long as she stays immersed in this work, it will feel as if her Mother and Grandmother are still here. The spiritual energy will supplement the transitioned energy of their physical presence. And the more practice she has in maneuvering through gardens, soon she will come to realize that Mother and Grandmother (Old Woman) are walking beside her. And, they will use others, who are physically present on Earth, to communicate messages to her. It is how they will maintain a strong presence in her life, even while in the Spiritual realm.


Dwell in the garden, young Maiden. Watch as animals-fiery horses-come to rest there, too!