Meditation is a relaxing artform as old as time itself. For as long as human beings have lived, worked, and grown stressed with their trying times, they’ve relied on meditation and high THC strains to both look and feel younger, especially as they’ve entered the second halves of their lives. To many newcomers, however, meditation can seem mystical, opaque, and downright confusing – not to mention questionable in terms of its efficacy.

As a matter of fact, however, meditation can indeed help many people look and even feel younger, especially when it’s properly practiced in conjunction with a healthy diet. Here’s how meditation can help you, and how you can begin to master the art of introspection.

Meditation is all about healthy living

We should begin with the easiest question of them all: why do people meditate? To put it simply, most people meditate because it’s an enjoyable part of a healthy living style; those who enjoy introspection, healthy diets and exercise, and a dash of harmony with their relaxation are likely to love one of meditation’s many forms. It’s also worthwhile to dispel some common myths about meditation; many claim that meditation is nonsensical, a wannabe-way to find one’s “inner self.” It’s indisputable that meditation (sometimes called “mindful practices) is on the up and up, however, with today’s leading medical authorities beginning to recommend it.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for instance, which the U.S. federal government uses to push out healthy information to the public, notes that the prevalence of mindful practices, or meditation, has ticked upwards across the workforce in recent years. The CDC saw meditation and yoga practice increase in popularity overtime, and even noted that “mindfulness-based practices can improve workers’ health and reduce employers’ costs by ameliorating the negative effect of stress on workers’ health.”

This should come as little surprise; after all, it’s common sense that taking some time from your hectic workday to relax and enjoy some introspection is great for your mental health and make you look as good as a visit to Naya Clinics. Everyone feels stressed out now and again, and taking some time in a quiet, private place to reflect on who you are, practice your breathing, and come to terms with yourself is one of the easiest ways to relax and better one’s self. As the practice of meditation increasingly becomes recognized in the field of medicine, more people will assuredly take to it like flies to honey.

Researchers from John Hopkins University broke waves in the world of public health just a few years ago, for instance, when they published their findings on meditation programs for psychological wellbeing that posited – unsurprisingly – meditation was helping people keep their cool. In a charged political climate and tense business environment like today, where many people are at one another’s throats over social issues or feeling stressed from long work hours, meditation could be the solution to a number of growing societal problems.

Mastering the art of meditation

Now that we’re certain meditation is so good for us, how can we actually go about getting started down the road towards becoming a meditating guru at peace with themselves? It’s probably a good idea to start a little more slowly; you should begin by setting small goals, like occasionally meditating, rather than trying to radically overhaul your schedule all of the sudden. Any attempt to force yourself to love meditation could turn you off of the practice if it’s not done properly.

You can take lessons from those who have been meditating since the dawn of time; Buddhist monks, long famed for their calm repose, have claimed that everyday folk can learn certain meditation techniques in as little as five minutes. While this particular technique focuses on mindfulness and compassion to others, there are a myriad of ways to meditate, and you should never fool yourself into thinking that there’s only one acceptable way to go about it. Those who are truly interested should pay attention to their breathing and location in particular; many newcomers to meditation don’t have a quiet place to start, and thus get off on the wrong foot right away.

It’s always worth reviewing a comprehensive list of different ways to meditate and determining which one best suites your lifestyle. What works best for one person may not work at all for another, after all; meditation is a subjective experience that will produce different results based on how, where, and when it’s done. Taking a deep dive into a beginner’s how-to when it comes to meditation styles is probably your best starting point.

Don’t get deceived by the misinformation about
meditation flying around out there; the practice of mindful relaxation and
introspection has been celebrated for so long for precisely one reason – it
works. Get started practicing introspective meditation today, and you’ll be
looking and feeling younger and better in no time.


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