In the words of Oprah “ What is your next right move.” We each have the same 24 hours in our day. We have a powerful choice as to what goes in those 24 hours just as much as we have as to what comes out of those 24 hours. If you think that there is pressure to that fact, you are not alone.

Figuring out how to adequately distribute your time is a burden that many people face each day. We find ourselves constantly playing the tug of war game, the catch up game, or the wishing game to compensate for how we chose to spend our time.

The question that should always be asked is, is there another way? Is there a better way?

Balance has always been a word passed around like it was easy to achieve or it was achievable at all. But what if there was really no way to balance your life but there was only ways to make your life more enjoyable, impactful, and relevant in todays’ world.

So how do you reach that oasis, where can it be found, and how can you consistently achieve it? It’s in a little phrase called getting still by way of meditation. Meditation has huge benefits. Matter-a-fact, I would go so far as to say that it could save your life and even though that may seem so far fetched, let me tell you how.

Meditation is your way of getting rid of all of the fog that has been clouding your existence. You are able to escape the chatter boxes that have been trying to give you instructions of how you should run your life. The people and things that have been putting the doubt and fear into your mind and stealing your courage to take a step forward into whatever that unknown path is for you. Meditation is a way for you to listen to your inner being, the one that knows you the best; so that you can know and understand what is the best path for your life.

Many people have given up hope, not because they were shy of an opportunity, it was because they lost hope and clear direction of their next right move. Meditation is one of the best ways for you to get clear and regain your hope and ability to press towards those dreams and ambitious goals that await you on the other side of fear and the unknown.

There are 3 easy ways for you to incorporate meditation into your life:

  1. Make it a non-negotiable daily event that you have penned into your schedule.
  2. Start off small by only meditating for 10 minutes a day and as you get more comfortable and clear, you will be able to create more time for your daily meditation sessions
  3. Make an effort to meditate daily at the same time. Usually, early in the morning when you have just woken up or right before you go to sleep are good times to meditate.
  4. As you are meditating only focus on one thing each session and focus on the answer and not the problem.

It’s not by chance that people like Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, and Russell Simmons find meditation as being one of the most crucial things that they implemented in their individual journeys to their success. Incorporating meditation into your life will render you amazing results that will help you significantly to make the best enjoyable life that you can possibly have.

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