About Sadcasm

Sadcasm was the brainchild of Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad who initially created social media pages and entertainment pages just to experiment how things unfold. In a year, they spearheaded Sadcasm with an aim to reach as many people as possible as a source of entertainment. With followers spread across 40 countries, they are expected to cross 25 million followers by the end of 2020.


The main focus of Sadcasm is sarcastic posts, but they also cover other genres and the latest trends as well. So, when, you scroll their timeline, you have something to be happy about. Most of the followers fall in the bracket of 18-25 years and mostly appeal to the younger generation. The reason behind their huge popularity is that they sell something which nobody does and that is happiness. Their posts don’t have any controversial content, they do not judge anybody, or haul anybody to coals as opposed to the media-trial trend that we see today. So basically they are spreading positivity, hope, and humor and in this way, they blaze their own trail and set a new trend.

How did They Go Viral?

Going viral on Facebook isn’t a cakewalk. It is very important to work around topics and subjects that the audience is hungry for. If you are publishing something that thousands of other people have also shared, there is a very fickle chance that your post will stand a chance. If you think that the content that you just published is going to get promoted and marketed by itself, you are sorely mistaken. That is not how it works and if you thought it does, you were in the dark. Promotion is one of the biggest parts of getting your content on Facebook seen. Workaround to share it with groups, share it to people who you know would value it. This is key. If you are promoting to someone who is not your target audience, chances are that it won’t get many views or hits. Promote to the right people and the right way


While Meet Luhtra further reiterates, “We mainly focus on sarcastic posts. As our page’s motto is “Sad but Sarcastic”. But we also cover all other genres as well. We post regarding recent trends and news also. But the main category that we aim is Sarcastic, because we want our followers who are having a rough day to have something to smile about when they are scrolling our timeline on Facebook

About Meet Luthra And Rakesh Prasad

They Both Left their studies to start this social media page which turns out to be a success story after and reached 18 they tried many things together before too but this really gave them success. PAIR of ’20s made 20 million families in a year is something big to achieve they also earned millions of dollar in 2018