Eric Dalius, Miami

Keeping calm and continuing your professional and personal obligations is not that easy. These days with the increase of pandemic and surge in the number of Covid-19 cases, there is concern about physical and mental health in Miami. State and international authorities are trying their level best in curbing the number of COVID-19 cases. However, you also have a responsibility in this scenario. By following the safety protocol mentioned by these authorities and maintaining social distance, you can ensure your safety and others. Although it is difficult to calm your senses and remain active, you have to try your level best and struggle with your feelings.

The first thing you have to accept that you are not alone in these situations in Miami. There are millions of individuals who are facing the same problem. You have to choose between a healthy life and the life of your choice. You have to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing and thereby respond to the situation. Keep in mind that there are things that are beyond your control. Hence, don’t hover your mind with these stressful thoughts. Do your bit and keep the rest for others.

For Eric Dalius, Miami experts give readers the following ways of remaining calm during Covid

 It would benefit if you recognized that a proper balance between physical and mental health is required. Only focusing on physical wellbeing will not do the job. You have to push yourself and develop a positive outlook towards life. Try to focus on happy moments and devote yourself to the social cause. Apart from this, you may take a look at the following points:

•    Push pause: With the work from the home regime, it is becoming difficult for professionals to balance personal and professional obligations in Miami. However, you have to give it a thought and devote your time to your family members. Pausing in between work will not only take care of your motivation level but will help you balance your professional obligations as well. Hence, you have to develop a positive outlook and believe that nothing wrong will happen to you. Taking breaks reduces your anxiety level and also fear. It helps you get back to work with renewed energy.

•    Your choice of response: As human beings, you have the time and liberty to respond in the way you want. When you get faced with a new situation and challenges, you have to think before you respond. It is a new concept provided by various neurologists. They focus on how you react to a situation and what must be the ideal way of responding. It has some subcategories. It includes the reptilian or primal brain, emotional brain, and rational brain. If you take the first category, which is the Primal brain, it is reactive and fear-based. When you see individuals engaged in panic buying, you react similarly. There are signals in the brain that will indicate you to fight or flight. Hence, it is your choice that will lead to the decision.

Secondly, your emotional brain is that part of the brain which posses all the feelings. With the recent happenings, it is very typical to feel emotional. Human beings are dynamic by nature. Hence, feeling sensitive is normal. Thirdly, the rational brain is that part of the brain which separates human beings from animals. You have to make choices in Miami. You may react or respond. By reacting mostly, the negative consequence gets focused. The response can be both positive as well as harmful.

By reasonably deducting your answer from the negative aspect, you give the impression of a sensible being. It is this part that allows individuals to understand that there is an end to everything. You must focus on this aspect and accept the present with the hope of a lot in the future.

•    Alter your space: Sitting in one place throughout the day develops monotony. Even if you are doing your work or working in the kitchen, or doing other courses, try to alter your space. When you change your posture, it regulates blood flow. It keeps your pressure level down and balances your health. You may go outside for a walk in Miami but with safety precautions. According to Eric Dalius Miami, experts advise you to productively spend your time developing a healthy relationship by engaging in home chores. You have to work out a schedule to cut down on your alone time and engage in productive work.

•    Focus on the positive aspect: The point is the most significant one among all the users. Negative thinking only leads the brain in the wrong direction. Every individual has to spend their day trying to accept reality with a positive approach. Try to focus on optimistic aspects and devote yourself to the social cause. Try to answer every question with a “yes” and divert your mind from negative thoughts. It will take care of your cardiovascular health and your depression level amidst the fast life of Miami.

In addition to this, you have to focus on those areas where you have control. Keep in mind that everything is not manageable. There are certain areas where your productivity matters. Hence, you have to deal with the quarantine. By following safety protocol and quarantine measures, you can ensure your safety and that of others. Working on a routine will help you deal with monotony and reduce your stressful thoughts. Also, you may take the help of the digital website for gaining valuable recommendations for developing a healthy habit. Apart from this, try to be creative in your approach in Miami. You have to think outside the box for volunteering in these trying times. By donating time to psychological health and high self-esteem, you will grow your positive health. You may go for blood donation camps, decorate the driveway or sidewalk, and donate masks and hand sanitizers, or other social activities. It will give you a purpose and thereby develop an optimistic outlook in Miami.