Leading financial coach in the foreign exchange market Michael Jenkins did not have an easy start before he achieved what he has today. Like a lot of financial coaches helping people create a better future today, he also went through a lot of financial challenges in the past. However, these were the same experiences that motivated him to see the value of being able to handle money correctly and work on maintaining a lucrative source of income that would sustain him long-term and give him financial freedom. 

Born on the Eastside of Detroit to a single mother, Michael Jenkins had a normal childhood despite the absence of a father figure. As a young boy, he participated in the marching band at Spain Elementary, where he learned and acquired military-type discipline and leadership skills that would later become instrumental in helping him become the man that he is today. 

After dropping out of college, Michael Jenkins started to work full-time, and in just a short period of time, he was able to work his way up the ladder. He became the top salesman for T Mobile U.S.A. and several home security companies. Though he was performing excellently in his commission-based jobs, Jenkins could not deny that he did not have time freedom. Eventually, Jenkins got laid off from his job due to economic concerns, and he instantly saw an opportunity to pursue something that would pave the way to his financial freedom: the foreign exchange market.  

As can be expected, Jenkins needed to learn so many things before he became confident in the industry. While it was not an easy start, his determination and perseverance eventually paid off. In just nine short months, Jenkins was able to establish a large trading account and eventually gained 700 students in his masterclass, all willing and eager to learn from him. The chance to be able to mentor people through his masterclass was a welcome turn of events for Jenkins. 

“I had a great product, but I wanted our own culture to stand out among the other companies out there. Even with great information via video, I realized early on how hard it is to try and make it all make sense without the hands on support. The market can be unforgiving. Losing your money can make you want to quit and never look back. I know from experience. However, I also know how lucrative this business really can be and with the right coaching, others wouldn’t have to face the same struggles I did,” Jenkins explains. 

With guidance from Jenkins, people are starting to experience significant changes in their lives, especially where it concerns their finances. Not only has the community grown by 300%, but Jenkins has also managed to retire more than 250 people in a span of nine months. Seeing these great developments in the lives of his students is something that he finds very fulfilling. To ensure that they continue to thrive, Jenkins offers effective and consistent hands-on training, 24/7 support services, and professional services that boost the confidence of his students that they are not alone in their journey toward financial freedom. 

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