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Life is short, we often hear and agree to this point somehow because no matter what, some days and boom… life is over. eCommerce business is also not different than life; Naïve at start, full of surprises in middle, and yet has a shorter span of life- if much then some decades. This is what the billionaire and CEO of third-largest IT company by revenue Jeff Bezos said in a meeting covered by CNBC according to Business Insider. Jeff said, “I Predict Amazon will fail”, to his staff.

The essence of the statement from Jeff is not a thing to be pessimistic but realistic. This is more than just a cynical thought to pitch in and helping to appreciate the concept of YOLO and make most out of it.

If we relate YOLO metaphorically with Micro Business Goals, we find great connection. small celebrations of life and petite achievements of business keep us moving forward. Imagining to have a big company doesn’t mean you need to make giant goals and achieve them. It only means to

“Thinking big but in chunks to feel the zest of success on your every taste bud.”

Why Micro Business Goals?

Can you eat a whole pizza without making slices? You need to add ingredients one by one to get the whole course ready – how you flavour your dish is the actual key to success. Adding each ingredient enhances the aroma and triggers the sensations to do more and have more. This is what small Micro Business Goals means; on every day basis, you have something to accomplish, every small feat will take you in a do-more state instead of the zone of abundance.

A wall with sticky notes showcasing micro-goals concepts (Source: Unsplash)

The zone of abundance means absolute nothingness; nothing more is possible. While Micro Business Goals enriched do-more state keeps you moving forward, being more innovative and always having the craving to taste more and have more.

Micro Business Goals and Ecommerce Companies – Some Real-Life Examples:

Theories remain theories unless supported by real life examples. Thus, discussion on the importance of micro goals for ecommerce business boost will bring no value if not accompanied by the real stories of Ecommerce gurus.

Here, three Ecommerce businesses are selected to exemplify the role of micro business goals. As there are hundreds of ecommerce companies working around the globe, especially after the internet boost. Here are discussed only three of them. The companies are selected on the basis of:

  • Their Success
  • Their worth-listening success story
  • Their close competition with each other

So, without wasting time we shall move to discussion:

1. Amazon – The Ecommerce Giant:

According to 2019 stats, Amazon is right now the third biggest IT company in terms of revenue however in the list of eCommerce Businesses, it comes at the top first.

Source: Unsplash

The Story:

Nobody is clear at the start of the business, and neither Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was. He couldn’t even decide the name of his business and company for one whole year. The company changed names and finally registered with “Amazon” because it appears first in the dictionary and directories with alphabetical orders. Consult CNBC, for complete name story of Amazon.

Micro Business Goal of Amazon:

The goal Amazon had while starting their company and that also became the reason for their success, was to focus on customer satisfaction. Also, the team never paid attention to people doing counter-criticism. According to Amazon CEO, criticism is a constant thing either you are at the start or end of achieving success.  

2. Inspire Uplifts – Wizkid Of eCommerce:

Appearing green but taking over the market, Inspire Uplift left all marketers stunned.

Inspire Uplift

The Story:

According to the CEO, he planned for big business but was never afraid to do experiments. The company had nothing till 2017 except a Facebook page with the name of HypeDojo. However, they got an extremely good response because of their superfluous business strategies. In 2017, they launched a website but with a different name due to some unsaid reasons and registered domain with under name Inspire Uplift.

Micro Business Goal of Inspire Uplift:

The smallest goal for Inspire Uplift is to focus on their product quality. CEO said that “we, me and my team, are starting this company not just for money however we want to make a name with a most reliable company in terms of robust and warranted products and achieved our goal somehow. This smallest goal made us achieve more than we expected.

3. eBay – Ecommerce Guru Started with Smallest Goal

Everybody knows eBay, an eCommerce company that comes second after Amazon and known for owning the humblest business strategies. PIERRE OMIDYAR is the CEO of the company and has the most interesting reason to initiate his eCommerce business.

ebay logo
Source: Unsplash

The Story:

Pierre Omidyar launched this company with no serious future goal for the business. All he wanted was to impress his girlfriend complaining about “hard to find people with same hobbies. As a result, Omidyar, the CEO of eBay, coded an online auction database to bring people searching for the same things on same platform. After three months, Pierre added more features to it, and who doesn’t know eBay now?

Micro Business Goal of eBay:

Though we cannot call it a business goal, however the micro goal that lead Pierre Omidyar to achieve what he deserved was smallest. He wanted to make her girlfriend happy. Nevertheless, his rightly coded program helped him a lot in this regard.

Final Verdict:

The whole discussion gave a complete and clear idea regarding how essential for your business is to make a small business gaol. However, actions should accompany with the proper goal implementation, finding bugs, and of course removing them. Also, woo-commerce graspers should keep their minds open to new ideas and must never stop experimenting.