We are living through an unpredictable time when you never know what can happen and when. Hearing the news of your near ones getting infected by the virus and many families losing their members to this pandemic is the perfect recipe for creating ultimate stress. In addition, there is no end date to this pandemic, so people are more stressed than ever with the uncertainty of the future. 

As things are changing so rapidly, it is taking a toll on your mental and physical health. Also, you cannot be ignorant of what is going on for your own safety. The pandemic has affected every nook and corner of people’s life including the halt of life-changing decisions such as growing your family or moving to a different country. This is the perfect time when you can bring mindfulness into use to stay safe and mentally healthy.

1. Avoid Denial:

It is tempting to run away from reality and just assume everything is fine. Well, that is not being mindful. It is just acting ignorantly. We cannot ignore the impact of the pandemic, as it has affected the life of every individual on the planet. It is ok to not always think about it, but do not just blindfold your eyes towards it. These are not normal times, and you need to handle any life-altering decision a bit differently than before. Mindfulness will help you see things clearly that will help in making sure that you make sensible choices. 

2. Acknowledge Fear:

If you fear the pandemic, it is normal. There is nothing to be ashamed about it. However, given the nature of the threat we face, including multiple variants of the same virus, it is tough not to fear honestly. On top of it, stepping towards a new direction in life and increase your fear. Acknowledge that this situation is fearful, but learn to face your fears and find ways to reduce them. Make choices that will keep you safe so that you are assured of your safety. 

3. Give Yourself a Break:

Learning about the global news is a must, but that does not mean you do it 24/7. News channels will not refrain from talking about the pandemic the entire day. That will further make you anxious whether you are making the right decision or not. You need to mindfully make the choice of not listening to such news for more than half-hour every day. You should divert your mind to other activities so and try to live a normal life. Remember, the outside has changed, but you still can lead a happy life in your home.

4. Maintain Safety:

Mindfulness also teaches us to make conscious decisions that could be life-altering. Currently, that decision maybe you stepping out of the house, relocating or switching professions. Remember to maintain social distancing and wear masks and gloves as your step out. It is easy to get infected, which can be avoided by being mindful of your safety.

5. Do Not Stop Living:

You cannot stop your life for years because of the pandemic. However, if you are mindful of all the above, it will help you stay safe. Pandemic has postponed many things for people, but currently, as things are picking up again, you should also think of resuming your life back on track. For example, if you had plans to switch jobs or move countries, you should as it is still a good idea if it takes you forward in life. According to Rebecca Morin from the website Canada 2036, “the demand for immigration content was increasing during the last 6 months while potential immigrants see this period as an opportunity to change their lives and not let COVID affect their mindfulness.” And this is just one example among many others.  However, make sure to read all the online information before making such a decision, as many regulations have changed because of the pandemic.

The Bottom Line:

Mindful is all about being absolutely aware and acknowledge what the truth, as well as the need of the hour, is to swim through this tough time, be absolutely aware of the situation, maintain all safety measures needed to protect yourself from the pandemic, and avoid panicking as it will not help you survive.


  • Narendra Sharma

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