Dreamforce 2019, my first Dreamforce, after Forte Consulting became a Salesforce Registered Partner just two weeks prior.

My thoughts, fears, and anxieties were:
How do you prepare for such a large event? Who do you think you are? You are not even a drop in the ocean of the Salesforce ecosystem. How are you going to talk to people or connect with them in the busy-ness of the Salesforce’s largest party?!

I had not made my business cards yet. For a small business owner, the business card is your face that is easily forgotten after the 30 second elevator pitch at a networking event. So it had to be memorable along with your face. I went through several iterations of the rectangular size, company information dump, tried to give it a feel that will make it stand out, emboss it so that they can feeeeel it, make the paper type different so you can promote sustainability, but everything made me more anxious. The workflow ended with the final approval of my 12- year-old daughter, Marie, who rejected, frowned upon, and hated every template that I produced.

So I decided to take a break, with the only thing that I know well – take a minute for myself to sit in silence – the mindfulness minute. I reached out to the inner being in me and asked myself

What are you feeling? What message do you want to pass on to people? How do you want people to remember you? (without being attached to Salesforce, Dreamforce, or your small business)

Response: Gratitude.

This is not the cliché or the trend in the market. But truly grateful for everything. I wanted my interactions to say “I care about your personal well being”. I wanted them to know that I am grateful for sharing the medium of communication at that event and that they are important to me.

After completing the Mindfulness Minute, I sat down to work on the business card again. The choice of images and creativity that flowed was not from my brain but from my heart.

My card has 3 major design elements:
1. Hearts to indicate that I love what I do and do what I love. Everything I do for my clients is with love and utmost care.
2. My company name is Forté. I believe in strengths development. We work in areas that we are strong – Salesforce Implementation and Support.
3. Mindfulness Minute Exercise. What are you grateful for today? (not yesterday or tomorrow). Share the need for self-care and well being.

What am I grateful for today?
1. Being in the first row and first seat to listen to the fireside chat between Arianna Huffington and Marc Benioff at Dreamforce where I learned about the Thrive App. For having spent valuable moments with with Ms. Joelle Benioff and Stephanie Buscemi.
2. For this opportunity given by Arianna to share my story with you.
3. For every team member at Forté who utilizes their strength to deliver the solutions for our clients.
4. For my daughters, Marie for being a task master and Michelle for being my guide.

So what are you grateful for today?

Forte Consulting’s vision is to provide sustainable employment for all with a focus on women and caretakers returning to work.