Oh mindset. What is it exactly?

Having a strong mindset helps us overcome obstacles in life and business. It helps us become happier people, to appreciate life more and be thankful for even the smallest of things in our business.

Being successful in our business is great when we have an amazing strategy, but when it comes to having a strong mindset, this is where our true success lies.

For those starting out in building your own business or struggling in your business, your success will always start with your mindset. Your mindset to keep going when it’s tough and your mindset to continue when you believe you are near failure.

I bring you five action items you can take today in your business to increase your positive mindset and finally stop hiding from what you are truly capable of!


For my “9-5ers” and those still working a day job while creating your online business; this business is not your side hustle right?  This is what you WANT TO DO for the rest of your life.  This is what you want your full time income to be.  This is your dream business!  So if you are in your 9-5 and you are saying “Yes, I have a side hustle coaching business”.  STOP IT.  One thing I learned is to simply change my lingo.  I have my 9-5 or my “day job” as I like to call it and then I have my business.  No adjectives in front of that, no “side” business.  It is MY BUSINESS. 

2.)  Share your business – LOUD AND PROUD

I hated that I waited to tell my husband what I wanted to do.  I seriously waited for two months because I was afraid to tell him that I wanted to become a business coach.  When I told him, he was completely fine with it.  Same thing with my sister, my brother, and all of my other friends and family.  I seriously had it in my head they would think this job was LAME AF or just simply wouldn’t understand and would think “Oh, here Lauren goes again!  Another business she’s going to try and leave within months”.  Every single person I have told has been excited and giving me support.  We make this so much bigger than it is in our own heads.  It has nothing to do with the people we tell, and it has EVERYTHING to do with our mindset on how we perceive ourselves.  Let loose and tell your biggest supporters what you are doing!

3.)  Suck it up – do the work even on days you really don’t want to

Now, this doesn’t mean to work when you are throwing up from the flu or have a 102 degree fever.  I mean suck it up when you feel lazy.  Suck it up when you don’t want to work.  DO THE WORK.  This is where the difference lies.  Compare it to something like this – Say one day you feel bloated and you try on clothes that should fit you but they really feel tight because your diet has been lacking.  Instead of going to the gym, working out and feeling better again we tend to dwell and get depressed that our clothes don’t fit us.  We should go to the gym to make ourselves feel better right?  THIS IS FOR BUSINESS TOO!  When we are stressed, when we think it’s not working out for us, SHOW UP anyways.  Take action in your business.  There is always something you can do!

4.)  It’s not about you girlfriend

Your business is NOT about you!  It’s about who you serve.  It’s time we take out the “me” in our business.  The results, the business, the income is not about you.  As soon as you start believing that your business is about what you do, who you serve, and what transformation you are offering to the world, you will be happy every single day <3

5.)  Stop tying your happiness to that “YES” word

This goes with #4; this isn’t about you!  Are you serving daily?  Are you providing value daily?  Are you certain you can change someone’s life?  Stop making yourself INSANE with waiting for that phone call, that email or someone to buy from you.  Keep pushing and keep serving.  That yes is right around the corner!

These five items, even if they seem small, will be life changing in your growing business. Taking just one small step or one action item at a time will help you leaps and bounds!


  • Lauren Najar

    Business Coach

    Lauren Najar is a Business Coach based in Chicago.  Lauren works with struggling service based entrepreneurs who are looking to sign consistent clients.  She also specializes in creating business and marketing strategies for her clients to maximize their visibility and alignment with ideal clients. In her free time, Lauren Najar is  trying out a new workout class or running, checking out new restaurants or catching a Chicago Cubs game.