What started as a personal blogging diary for Rupal Srivastava to ease the separation anxiety she experienced from leaving her three-month-old daughter for work has now exponentially grown into a trusted parenting platform that has touched the lives of more than thousands of mothers today. At present, her platform Totally MOM-Sense continues to provide parents from all over the world a plethora of creative ideas and resources to attain a happy and healthy family life. 

Totally MOM-Sense is the leading parenting platform guiding mothers and fathers in their parenthood journey while sharing the founder’s journey and parenthood challenges as well. The blog is a haven for unlimited insights and ideas all about motherhood and how to keep little kids engaged while still teaching them essential life skills. Moreover, the platform also serves as a source of motivation for overwhelmed mothers or parents looking to attain a happier and healthier life experience while dealing with crying babies or difficult toddlers. From useful pregnancy tips to unique life hacks in raising little kids, the platform covers it all in detail.

The brilliant mind behind it all is Rupal Srivastava, a proud mother of a sweet three-year-old baby girl and a mechanical research engineer by profession. Born and raised in India, Rupal moved to the United States to pursue her graduate studies. But besides accomplishing higher education, the blogger ended up with an even greater blessing in her life: the birth of her child. In 2017, she gave birth to a healthy little girl. The experience completely changed the way she lived and looked at life. As she began her motherhood journey, she decided to create a platform where she could document all her motherhood moments. This was the beginning of Totally MOM-Sense. “At that time, I had no idea what path I was on and my blogging journey had come to life even without me knowing it,” shares the mommy-blogger.

For Rupal, blogging was her way of calming down her anxiety as someone who had to juggle motherhood and working life in 2018. Eventually, Totally MOM-Sense quickly won the hearts of thousands of parents worldwide. Since then, the blogger has had impressive collaborations with big brands such as Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Bluey, Kraft Heinz, Walmart and NY529 among others. In under three years, the blog has impacted the lives of thousands of mothers, amassing more than 65,000 followers on social media. 

Today, Rupal is most thrilled to announce that she is working on new content geared toward making a more significant difference in parenting lives. With that in mind, something fascinating will be launched on the blog this coming Christmas. 

The rising star mommy-blogger hopes for Totally MOM-Sense to become the household parenting wiki where parents can quickly find answers to any questions they ask about parenthood, family life, and more. Indeed, nothing is more comforting than hearing the tips, insights, and stories of a mother herself who knows the real struggles in bearing and raising a child. 

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