The freezer is an insulated and thermal compartment that consists of a refrigeration system. Its function is to store food and other products at a temperature between -4º C and -30º C, in order to preserve them for a longer time, avoiding decomposition and loss of quality.

The repair of a freezer may have an average price of $250. The minimum and maximum cost is between $30 and $550, respectively, depending on factors such as the cost of spare parts, the level of complexity of the task or the distance of travel, among others.

Cost of spare parts

Spare parts are the fundamental parts in the repair of a freezer and sometimes their existence or equivalence determines the useful life of the appliance. Sometimes the repair task will focus on simple, readily available and inexpensive parts. However, in other situations the opposite may be the case. The refrigeration specialist such as freezer repair Toronto will incorporate the cost of the part into the total price of the service.

Task complexity

The freezer is an item that has a special cooling system and its repair requires trained personnel. The complexity of the service will depend on several factors, including whether the freezer is for domestic or commercial use.

The model is also something to take into account. Some refrigerator appliances of freezer repair Toronto share the refrigeration and freezing system in a single unit. On the other hand, there are household appliances or freezers that are used for a single purpose. On the other hand, large capacity freezing chambers, used especially in restaurants or supermarkets, require periodic maintenance and repairs with a higher level of difficulty. On occasion, specialists offer special rates to clients who have large quantity industrial freezers.


The repair fee will take into account details such as the distance to the home or location where the machine is located, as well as the collection and delivery service in the event that the repair is carried out in a workshop. In any of the cases, a minimum base rate will be taken that will correspond to a certain area. From there, the cost will increase per kilometer or taking into account special access and parking systems, as occurs in city centers. 


Along with the distance, other factors to consider are the schedule and urgency, taking into account hours of intense traffic, nights or weekends. The cost of the repair service is generally calculated per hour of work, which is added to everything previously mentioned, and the cost of the part to be replaced. However, some specialists charge a fixed price, depending on the type of breakdown.

In the case of industrial machines, their repair price tends to be higher than that of a domestic type repair. Generally, specialists in industrial refrigeration offer a special rate that includes the maintenance and repair of large machines.