I love this photo. The image of water and sky and clouds and ocean… it’s like the pool loved the blue firmament so much it had to take a selfie with it. this place exists. I’ve seen it, though here I’m surrounded by frozen snowy ground and gray heavens. 

I suppose this same water and sky and clouds are here right now reborn in the icy flakes and in the gray.

Looking more carefully, the sparkling blanket covering the earth is quite luxurious. Above is a textured backdrop for the naked branches to display their elegant form.

Waking up to the truth that the elements in the photo and outside my window are both beautiful took me a while.

It makes me wonder, what else is hidden right in front of me in disguised? What is hidden in me concealed as a less desirable form?

Often times how we think about a situation can change everything. This is true for me, for my clients for most people I believe. The real question is how willing are you to see? How much love can you handle? How easy are you willing to let things get?

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