There are a lot of bloggers and here is a list of most knows blogging categories:

– fashion blogger

– beauty & makeup blogger

– student & study bloggers

– cooking bloggers 

– medical bloggers

– sport & fitness bloggers

– business bloggers

– motivational & inspirational bloggers (this is my main category

– mental health bloggers (this is my main category also)

All these blogging categories have different levels of life sharing. 

Fashion, beauty & makeup bloggers

So fashion, beauty & makeup bloggers have to share their face all the time, but they don’t have to share their past and struggles if they don’t want. 

Study bloggers

Study bloggers share their current life and school journey, but this type is more about how to learn, study with me sessions, school supplies and a lot of school related stuffs. 

Cooking bloggers

Cooking bloggers share foods and recipes and they don’t have to share more than their name and photo with the world. 

Medical boggers

Medical boggers can be even anonymous, a person that shares medical facts and news. 

Sport & fitness bloggers 

Sport & fitness bloggers share their workout routines, the food they eat and they don’t have to share their personal life if they don’t want. Also here I want to warn you that not all the sport & fitness bloggers will promote healthy supplements, some will only take the money for the ad and not really like or use that product, so pay attention and make the difference between the bloggers that just sell things and the ones that really promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Business bloggers

Business bloggers share business tips, how to grow your audience, make income and so on and not many will share a lot of their life. 

Motivational & inspirational bloggers

Motivational & inspirational bloggers have to share their life because in this way people will see they had been through the same things and struggles as their audience and readers. I think that if a motivational & inspirational blogger don’t share his life and stories to help others is not really there for helping you. 

Mental health bloggers

And is the same story with mental health bloggers, if you don’t share your mental health struggles with your readers no one will ever believe you support them and understand them. Of course mental health blogs can be made by therapists too and they will write from a professional’s point of view and they don’t necessarily have to have a mental health issue. 

No matter what blogger you are I think that if you will share some parts of your life with your audience will make you bond together and they will trust you and view you more as a person like them and not that big blogger or personal brand. Also you will show them that they are not alone and what happened to them can happen to anyone and is ok to speak about it and ask for help if you need.