When we think about our past that is what we are doing, just thinking, using our minds to think about our version of events we want to carry around with us. 

It’s a choice, BTW! What we think.. YEAH, it’s a choice!!

And the reason I mention this, is that more often than not those past thoughts hinders us. They are a time waster and a dream killer. 

We won’t do something because of our thoughts of previous experiences or attempts of something we have done in the past that didn’t go well.We won’t take the big steps forward because of the negative evidence we have collected that our brain has cemented in there to protect us; We won’t just get on with writing that book, or making those calls, or starting a business because our mind is showing us all the reasons why not to do it. 

So… if I said to you that NOTHING IS REAL EXECPT THIS PRESENT MOMENT – how does that sit with you? For some of you reading this you will understand that statement for others, well you may have already switched off. BUT WAIT….. JUST HERE ME OUT HERE…

If your thoughts of your past, are just that THOUGHTS, then you have the ability to change those thoughts. 
You have the ability to look at those thoughts and not judge them see them for what they are and adapt them. 
When you spend time day dreaming, procrastinating, avoiding and going into your thought library of evidence not to do something, just stop a second as ask yourself…
How are these thoughts (and often they will be the same ones) how are these thoughts serving me?What thoughts could I be thinking that will help me take that big action? 


Catch yourself today, how many times are you drifting off and thinking about the past? How many times are you thinking about a wonderful future and then realise that your thoughts are telling you its never going to happen? How much time are you wasting thinking these thoughts that are keeping you stagnant day in day out? CHANGE THESE THOUGHT TODAY. 

‘Nothing is real except this present moment’, what you have right here, right now and all of what you have is the result of your thinking. If you don’t absolutely love it CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. 

I will say it again, if your thoughts are not serving you, to make the life you want for yourself….

If you want to discuss this and more come on a free 30 minute call with me today and let’s get to the bottom of why you are not where you want to be right now. Let’s change your thoughts TODAY.