In contrast to the average job, running a business involves investing in indefinite work hours. Although many agree that success in business requires substantial sacrifices, overworking can be as damaging as under-working for a company. Therefore, it is key to know how and when to work in your business.

Luckily, there are measurements to help entrepreneurs to evaluate the work. Which can be applied to measure how much time and effort a business requires.

Importance of Evaluating the Business Performance

The only way to know the amount and type of work required in your startup is by evaluating the progress of your business performance. This input proposes a long-term vision and greater business planning. Entrepreneurs benefit from evaluations by being directly involved within their business operations and, eventually, come up with efficient solutions based on strategy.

Other circumstances where this tactic can be useful:

  • Business plan update. Evaluate if the service or product needs to be updated to be competent. Plus, to review if goals have changed and the business plan needs to be modified.
  • Change of strategy. Required when the product is not having a satisfactory performance in the market.

How to Evaluate Business Performance? 

There are different methods to determine the performance of each area of your business. These evaluations consist of financial indicators, customer engagement, and work productivity.

Financial Performance

Poor financial management can lead a business to failure. It is necessary to have a proper financial plan, as well as to consistently reviewing its performance. Evaluating the financial aspect allows knowing if a product is profitable.

To understand the performance of your finances, use the following financial statements:

  • Balance sheet. Used to detail the income and expenses during a time period.
  • Cash flow. Represents the entrance and exit of money in your business.
  • Income statement. It is a reflection of the profit, the economic gains, and losses of a business.


The customer base defines two things: the growth of a company and the development and future of a company.

To understand if your business is growing or not, you can do an analysis based on:

  • How many clients the business has?
  • How many are new?
  • How many have been lost?

Note: Keep in mind time intervals within this analysis.

Customer surveys are useful to have an insight into what would be the future direction of the business. The feedback of customers indicates if a product meets their needs, or if the product needs improvement. It can also suggest the need for a new approach in the use of marketing tools and strategies.

Market Analysis 

This process focuses on client engagement and its interaction with products in the market. The main purpose of this analysis is to determine if your product or service is competent in the market.

Rate Product Performance

How well is doing your product? 

Start by identifying the most popular products or services provided by your business. Focus on the products which generate constant sales and high profit, and compare them to the unsuccessful products. Analyze if improvements are necessary.

In addition to these measurements, try to keep in mind your perspective. Although statistics are incredibly useful, intuition is too. 

Business performance is useful to strategically design a plan, which will save entrepreneurs money and time. Time is profit. Instead of overworking, it is better to review its performance and grow from there.

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