christian inspiration

I believe in God.

Words which, in some ways, are controversial to say today.

Analytical people especially are shocked to hear me say that.

Shocked because they expect that because I’m a very logical person that I could never believe in something which cannot be proven. Something that is not supported by science.

But it’s true. I do. And my Christian faith helps me succeed as an entrepreneur.

Not because I’m given special deals by other Christians. Most don’t know.

But because the faith, in and of itself, is empowering.

In my case, it leads to an invincible commitment to success. One that cannot be shaken.

I wasn’t born faithful and I wasn’t raised to be a Christian.

I grew into it as I grew as a person.

Here’s how:

My faith builds grit

As an entrepreneur, I get punched in the face. A lot. We all do. It’s part of the job.

But that doesn’t make it not hurt. Getting rejected again and again and again.

Being disappointed by people who you trusted being abled to count on.

So, I developed an empowering Christian outlook: that things happen for me not to me.

That the reason I have to go through this pain and rejection and disappointment is so that I can develop into the person that I need to be. New levels bring new devils.

And, using that, I found meaning in the pain and another reason to push through it.

What is grit if not a commitment to push through challenges, even when it hurts?

My faith brings purpose

I believe that I am on a mission here from God. To improve life for all living beings while I’m here. Humans and animals both.

I feel it at the core of my very being.

It’s not something that can be explained with logic.

That means it can’t be explained away with logic, either.

So that drives an unshakeable sense of purpose. I interpret the challenges and obstacles and rejections as a painful but necessary part of accomplishing my mission.

Like God has built it into his plan to shape my character and develop me into the type of person that He needs me to be.

My faith builds empathy

Empathy because there’s a theme in Christianity of equality.

Of loving and doing good by one another. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Especially when it’s uncomfortable.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

We are all brothers and sisters and beautiful creations of God.

Even if some of us don’t know it or prefer not to acknowledge it.

And, as an entrepreneur, that outlook is especially valuable to me.

Because it strengthens my integrity and keeps me focused on serving others.

In hard situations, it’s impossible to get angry when your default reaction is instead curiosity. Curiosity about what caused someone to do wrong and about how you can help in the future.

And curiousity does come, even in the tough situations, when you’re operating from a place of love and a viewpoint of equality. Christianity encourages that.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur is all about empathy, patience, and helping others solve problems.

And the principles in my Christian faith keep those values prominent.


This piece wasn’t intended to convince you to become a Christian. I don’t evangelize. Ever.

Instead, I wrote it as a way to share a privilege that I’ve been given with you.

One that I’ve found in my practice of Christianity and in my relationship to God.

An eternal source of grit, purpose, and empathy. An asset as an entrepreneur.

To give you a new way to view faith.

Through the lens of personal empowerment, not blind surrender.

I wouldn’t feel nearly as empowered or committed if I hadn’t decided on my faith on my own.

So I wanted to share an alternative perspective for you to consider.

Maybe something to think on?